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Last update: 07.12.2021

Compulsory health insurance is used in all developed countries. 

In his address to the people of Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan's way - in 2050," First President of RK said that the top priority in health care is the development of primary health care. We should consider the introduction of compulsory health insurance. Joint liability of the state, employer and the employee for his health is the main principle of the entire health care system. Sports, proper diet, regular check-ups are the basis of disease prevention. Also he said that the healthy lifestyle and the development of medicine will increase the duration of life in Kazakhstan to 80 years and above.

Drawing on the experience of developed countries, the introduction of compulsory health insurance (CHI), gives an impetus to the development of medicine in the country. And it is likely that soon our hospitals and clinics will be able to ensure that everyone has applied for insurance equal opportunities to receive free medical care, both on the territory of Kazakhstan, and in the place of permanent residence.

Undoubtedly, CHI policy may well provide peace of mind for their own health to every citizen, but as international experience shows, the policy cannot guarantee CHI certain types of services, since it is usually in the policy services include the provision of emergency and specialized medical care, treatment and examination.

It is appropriate to say that in addition to the compulsory health insurance you can buy medical insurance policy. This policy represents a wide range of medical facilities and services that may be needed to man. And also gives you the opportunity to choose specialists and all kinds of research and consultation.

Also among the virtues LCA is that the insurance company provided additional control over the quality of services provided in hospitals. All disputes arising between the patient and the clinic allow the insurance company.

LCA packages often buy the corporation. It should be noted that to date corporate voluntary health insurance has become a positive part of not only large corporations, but also mid-tier that reflects not only the vision of management, but also contributes to the development of the LCA.

To date, insurance companies offer several kinds of insurance programs. Among them, the extended insurance packages that include the most comprehensive range of services, which includes not only the standard procedure, but also the treatment of complex diseases with hospitalization, heart surgery, physiotherapy and even massage.

Standard packages include all necessary services with some restrictions, such as the removal of tooth whitening dentistry, etc. And economical packages, provide all necessary services, but with restrictions on the number of visits to physician, laboratory tests and disinfected teeth in dentistry.

To date, most executives believe that the insurance of their employees is very important for us, because reduced losses caused by the lost time due to lack of staff at work. Additional advantages include the fact that a company which cares about the health of its employees formed a positive image, which is undoubtedly beneficial for both sides.

In conclusion, it begs a quote from the Chinese tract of Huang Di Neitszin emperor "Wise that treats a disease that is not yet in the human body, because drug use when the disease has already started, it's like starting to dig a well, when people are thirsty, or forge weapons when the enemy has already begun to fight. Is not it too late? ".

Thus, despite all the possible attempts of our state or private companies to solve the problems of the nation, the queue at clinics and a shortage of qualified doctors in urban hospitals has not been canceled. This indicates that in the minds of many Kazakhs value of health is not fully formed, and no serious motivation to maintain it.

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