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Last update: 11.12.2019


You caught a disease and didn’t come to work?  Do you need an information about benefit advance calculation for your temporary incapacity to work? Here, you will enquire where, how, and in what cases your outsourcer oblige to pay the remuneration on your sick leave certificate.

In accordance with the article 133 of the Labor code employer at the cost of own sources must pay social allowance for temporary unemployment.

It needs to send the sick leave certificate to the bookkeeping department, and its duplicate, in case of a loss.

When the benefit for temporary incapacity to work is paid?

Employer, at the cost of own sources must pay to the employees social allowance for temporary unemployment

Basis for payment of social allowance for temporary unemployment is a work incapacity certificate issued in the order established by authorized agency in the sphere of healthcare

Social allowance for temporary unemployment is payed by employer since the first day of unemployment until the day of rehabilitation or until disablement diagnosis according to the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation.


When benefit is not paid?


How the benefit calculations are determine?

Benefit settlement upon the sick leave certificate for definitely categories

Benefit payment for the diplomatic service staff under the temporary incapacity to work

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