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Last update: 06.12.2021


If a person falls ill and needs to be diagnosed and treated using expensive technologies, he has the opportunity to receive all this for free, according to the quota allocated at the expense of the state. The quota is a mean that the state allocates for carrying out a certain type of treatment to its sick citizen. Every citizen of Kazakhstan has the right to receive medical care free of charge, at the expense of public funds. In this article, we will talk about how to get treatment on the so-called quota, which is actually called highly specialized medical care within Kazakhstan and abroad at the expense of budgetary funds.

Treatment in polyclinics and hospitals

The quota guarantees free examination, treatment, including the surgery and provision of medicines and nutrition. For each region, a certain number of quotas is calculated, depending on the population density. First of all, the patient needs to undergo a medical examination and receive a referral from the treating doctor of the district polyclinic.

In what cases do they issue a quota? The quota is designed to provide medical assistance at the expense of public funds in a hospital. The provision of medical care - treatment in polyclinics and hospitals - is included in the amount of free medical care from the state. If your diagnosis does not require round-the-clock surveillance, then you can be treated at an outpatient level. If there is evidence of inpatient treatment, the patient is given a referral. After receiving the registration number, the patient can independently track free places for hospitalization in hospitals in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the website of the Republican Bureau of Hospitalization.

High-tech medical services

Treatment by quota abroad

List of diseases in which citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan are sent for treatment abroad at the expense of budget funds

List of individual categories of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, sent for treatment abroad at the expense of budgetary funds


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