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Last update: 11.03.2024

medical officerThe main objective of hospitalization bureau is to provide the rights of citizens to free choice of medical organization, accessibility and transparency of planned hospitalization.

The Portal Bureau of hospitalization is an online resource on which the patient can get information about the preliminary dates of hospitalization. If the patient has already received a doctor direction code for hospitalization (admission ticket or "quota"), he can view the current waiting lists for regional.

The planned hospitalization

The planned hospitalization is the patient referral to treatment by the doctor in hospital in the presence of indications (in case of revealing) of the chronic diseases and non-hazardous life-threatening conditions that do not require emergency medical intervention. Planned hospitalization takes place through the Portal Bureau of hospitalization for a few days, taking into account the patient's choice of medical organization.

For planned hospitalization you should:

While the planned hospitalization the patient must have the following documents:

It must be remembered that hospitalization without a required package of documents is not possible, and a hospital has the right to refuse patient in hospitalization!



Facilities within the guaranteed volume of free medical care (SBP) should be free.


Telephone numbers of regional hospitalization bureaus

Region Code Telephone
Akmola region 7162 721-517
Aktobe region 7132 563-588
Almaty region 8771 7459450
Atyrau region 7122 354-263
East Kazakhstan region 7232 710-158
Zhambyl region 7262 516-169
West Kazakhstan region 7112 255-120
Karaganda region 7212 559-786
Kostanay region 7142
Kyzylorda region 7242 234-470
Mangistau region 7292 302-072
Pavlodar region 7182 32-30-70
North Kazakhstan region 7152 500-369
Turkestan region 72533 593-314
Zhetysu region
7282 400020
Ulytau region
7102 600377
Abay region
7222 522-450
Almaty 7272 2251-422
Astana 7172 557-290
Shymkent 7252


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