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Last update: 01.06.2023

Sick leave is a document certifying temporary incapacity of a person and confirming the right to temporary release from work and receiving temporary incapacity benefits.

Temporary incapacity certificate is a document certifying incapacity, which is the basis for exemption from work (study) without receiving benefits.

Who gets a sick leave

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, oralmans, foreign citizens permanently residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan engaged in labor activity and studying in educational institutions for the period of their enrollment in paid jobs during the period of production training.

Temporary incapacity examination (hereinafter: examination) is a type of examination in the field of healthcare, the purpose of which is official recognition of incapacity of an individual and his/her temporary release from work duties for the period of illness.

Who performs temporary incapacity examination

The examination is performed by:

  • the doctors of state and private medical organizations, as well as medical experts engaged in private medical practice under a license to carry out medical activities, including temporary incapacity examination, issued in accordance with the Law;
  • medical workers with secondary medical education of state and private primary health care organizations in cases of servicing the patients independently and at home;
  • medical consultative board of a medical organization.

During the examination, a medical worker (a doctor, an advanced practice nurse)

  • establishes signs of temporary incapacity for health reasons and determines the terms of temporary incapacity;
  • issues a temporary incapacity certificate/sick leave and appoints the date for the next visit to a doctor by fixing this in the medical source records;
  • refers a patient for consultation to the medical consultative board of a medical organization and disability evaluation board.

What are the cases when a sick leave/ temporary incapacity certificate is issued to a person

A sick leave/ temporary incapacity certificate is issued in case of:

  • acute exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • injuries and poisoning associated with temporary incapacity;
  • artificial termination of pregnancy;
  • caring for a sick child;
  • pregnancy and childbirth;
  • adoption of a newborn child (children);
  • after-treatment in health resort organizations;
  • lockdown;
  • orthopaedic restoration.

A sick leave is not issued to individuals who:

  • undergo medical examination or treatment under the military administration;
  • are under custody or administrative arrest;
  • have chronic diseases without exacerbation (deterioration), undergoing examination, taking various procedures and manipulations in outpatient polyclinic conditions;
  • applied for medical assistance to a medical organization, if they have no signs of temporary incapacity;
  • In these cases, a patient is issued an extract from the medical card of an outpatient (inpatient) patient.

To get a temporary incapacity certificate/sick leave, an individual needs to apply to a medical organization providing primary health care with an ID document for identification or send a request on the e-Government portal.

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