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Holidays and weekends in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2022 Printable version

Last update: 05.10.2022

* Extending the holidays 
In the event that a national holiday falls on weekend (Saturday or Sunday), the days-off shall be extended by one day.

Public and national holidays, carrying the holidays
January, 1 - 2 New Year (from January 1 Saturday slips to January 3 Monday, from January 2 Sunday slips to January 4 Tuesday)
March, 8 International Women’s Day
March, 21-23 Nauryz holiday
May, 1 Kazakhstan's People Solidarity Holiday (Sunday slips to May 2)
May, 7 Defenders’ day (Saturday slips to May 10)
May, 9 Victory Day
July, 6 Capital Day 
August, 30 Constitution Day of the RK (August 29 slips to August 27 Saturday)
October, 25 Republic Day (October 24 slips to October 22 Saturday)
December, 16 Kazakhstan Independence Day


First day of Qurban Ait, celebrated by Muslim calendar, the 7th of January - Orthodox Christmas are nonworking days (without extending).

In 2022 the first day of Qurban Ait is on July 9.

Holidays and weekends in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2020

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