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Last update: 28.03.2023

naz plateLeakage of household gas leads to poisoning and can cause an explosion!

Causes of household gas leakage:

  • non-proper installation of stove or ventilation
  • use of malfunctioning gas appliances
  • unattended gas appliances
  • unclosed taps on gas appliances and gas cylinder valves
  • leaky hoses and connections on gas pipes
  • use of gas household appliances and stoves for heating
  • portable keroseneand gas heaters

What to do if there is a smell of gas in an apartment

  • open the windows immediately, make a draught
  • close the valve on a gas pipe
  • do not turn on lights or household appliances as a spark can cause an explosion
  • turn off the electricity in an apartment or in case of a massive leak, than also in an entrance hall
  • turn off all the phones, as they can give a spark
  • go outside
  • contact the gas emergency service by calling 104

What to do if there is a smell of gas in an entrance hall

  • warn residents of possible danger
  • turn off the electricity
  • leave a building and contact the gas emergency service by calling 104
  • keep an entrance hall under control so that no one comes inside with a lit cigarette

When entering a premise full of gas, it is necessary to throw matches and lighters out of pockets so as not to automatically light them!

It is strictly forbidden! Light a fire or electric light in a premise full of gas. Trying to fix gas pipes. Trying to extinguish a burning gas by yourself (while it is burning, it is safe). Carry a gas cylinder heated by fire. It could explode.

Gas equipment should work in a well-ventilated premise!

Gas Emergency Service: 104

To contact the rescue service, call 112

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