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Last update: 04.10.2021

Brief instruction: what to do

  • If you or your neighbours have a fire, call the fire department. Be prepared to provide an operator with the following information:
  • actual address (street name, house number, entrance, floor);
  • place of the fire source (apartment, corridor, basement, attic);
  • if the situation and time allows, tell who is calling, give your phone number and answer an operator`s questions;
  • if there are wounded and injured people, tell how many of them are there and describe the nature of the received injuries;
  • if necessary, explain the route options.
  1. Cut off gas.
  2. De-energize a premise.
  3. Take people out of the smoky premises to the street.
  4. Shut windows and doors.
  5. Inform your neighbours about the possible fire propagation. Actions shouldn't cause panic.
  6. It is necessary to take people out of the premises and warn them about a possible evacuation. If an automatic fire safety system is installed at the entrance, trigger its operation in order to accelerate the notification of all residents of the house.

If the scale of the fire allows you to cope with the fire yourself, you can try to extinguish the fire on your own. To do this, you should use the available firefighting means: fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, water from the waterpipe, block the air access to the fire site using a cotton blanket.

If a household appliance catches fire, de-energize it by pulling out the plug from the outlet. If it is not possible to do this safely, you will have to de-energize the room completely by turning off the machines or unscrewing the plugs in the electrical panel. If there is a gas pipeline, the gas supply must be cut off, especially if a fire started in the kitchen.

Note! If the situation is out of control, leave the premises! If possible, close all the windows and be sure to close the front door. This will slow down the flow of air and prevent the fire from propagating too quickly.

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