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Last update: 06.04.2020

Most people view the fire as something that will never happen to them, at least through their own fault. But the reason for more than half of all fires is the human factor - carelessness and negligence in dealing with fire. Therefore, everyone should know the basic rules of fire safety.

First of all, when entering any unfamiliar building, try to remember your path, pay attention to the location of the main and emergency exits. If you have heard the shouting "Fire!", or smell smoke, or see a flame, call the fire department. Try to remain calm, calm down the people around you.

Assess the situation, make sure there is a real danger, find out where it comes from, then calmly, without panic, start moving in the opposite direction, heading for the exit. Moving in the crowd, allow elderly people pass forward, stop the panic-strikers. Help those who are constrained by fear and can not move, talk to them calmly and distinctly.
Once inside the crowd, bend your arms in the elbows and press them to the sides, clenched fists. Tilt the body back with your legs held forward and try to restrain the pressure with your back, freeing up space in front, and move slowly. Don't go in where there's a lot of smoke! In modern buildings there is a lot of plastic, synthetic materials, which, when burned, release toxic substances. It is enough to take a few breaths - and you can die from poisoning. When filling rooms, corridors with smoke, go to the side of an unfurnished staircase or to the exit, but not to the elevator. It is strictly forbidden to use the elevator during a fire. Hold on to walls, handrails, breathe through a handkerchief or clothes. If the concentration of smoke increases, then duck or move crawling. If you feel a fever, then you are approaching the danger zone. It is best to turn back in this situation.

If the fire happened at school

Actions in case of fire in an apartment located below your floor

Actions in case of fire in your apartment

Actions in a smoky environment

Actions in case of fire in crowded areas

Actions in case of fire in the office, in the workplace

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