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How to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking Printable version

Last update: 14.02.2024

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Acquaintances or foreign organizations offer you work abroad. In this case, there are several tips in this material that should be followed in order not to get into the "network" of people traders.

Human trafficking forms

Human trafficking is not a myth.  

Monstrous types of the same crime are as follows:

  • sexual exploitation,
  • forced labour,
  • criminal exploitation,
  • debt bondage,
  • child labour exploitation,
  • “domestic” slavery,
  • forcedbeggary,
  • forced exploitation of people in military units,
  • trafficking in children for the purpose of adoption,
  • human trafficking for transplantation of organs and tissues. 

Common features for all types of traffic is that victims are deprived of their right for freedom, are forced to perform work or services by violence and threats.

People can get into slavery in various ways.  

Usually, people are tempted with offers of good work with a decent salary, with comfortable living conditions, the right to choose work or even getting married or an opportunity of getting a higher education.

Tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking

  • Make sure that an agency that offers work abroad operates legally and has a license issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Conclude an employment agreement prior to traveling abroad. Carefully read an agreement that you are offered to sign, one of the original copies should remain with you. Consult with a lawyer not affiliated with a company that sends you abroad. An agreement should stipulate the terms of the work as well as accommodation, payment and medical insurance.
  • Obtain a work visa as tourist visa does not entitle you to work. Enquire in an Embassy of a country you are going to travel to about employment opportunities for this type of work.  
  • Draw up a medical insurance.
  • Make at least two copies of all your documents, visas, passport, take one set of copies with you, leave the other with your relatives as this will help if your documents are taken away from you, or you lose your documents.
  • Tell your relatives where you are going and with whom, leave phone numbers, places of residence. Arrange with your family that if you do not call at a certain time, this will mean that you are in danger.
  • Before leaving, you should know in advance and memorize the addresses and phone numbers of organizations that can help you in the country of entry. These are diplomatic missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, non-governmental organizations as well as offices of an international organization for migration in the country of employment.
  • And, of course, learn a language of a country where you are going to; whether your specialty fits; qualifications for the chosen job, etc.
  • If you have become a victim of the "slave trade" but managed to escape, seek support in your consulate or in another locality.

Remember! Do not give your documents to anyone under no circumstances, except representatives of migration services and law-enforcement agencies.

Your passport belongs only to you!

Stay alert and careful, pay attention to any small details.

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