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Last update: 07.12.2023

legal assistanceIn implementation of Article 24 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Advocacy Activities and Legal Assistance” as of July 5, 2018 No. 176-VI, “National Information Technologies” Joint-Stock Company has developed the information system called Unified Information System for Legal Assistance (hereinafter: e-Zan Komegi). 

The e-Zan Komegi project goal is to provide citizens with online competent legal assistance as well as automation of advocacy activities and activities of legal advisers.


      Advantages of e-Zan Komegi:

  • capability to provide citizens with effective legal assistance as early as during  consultation through entering data on individuals and legal entities through e-Zan Komegi;
  • provision of lawyers and legal advisers with the state-of-the-art tools for verifying data on individuals and legal entities during judicial proceedings;
  • acceleration of the evidence gathering process when performing duties of a defense attorney or representative;
  • automation of online state guaranteed legal assistance provision and record;
  • provision of capability for courts and law-enforcement agencies to check the status and authorities of lawyers and legal advisers online;
  • maintenance of the Chamber of Legal Advisers Membership Registry;
  • capability to obtain an extract from the electronic registry of legal advisers;
  • capability to obtain an extract from the self-regulatory organizations registry on the accepted notification on the commencement of self-regulatory organization activities based on mandatory membership (participation);
  • information exchange regarding requests for information to state and non-state organizations necessary for the implementation of legal activities as well as activities of legal advisers;
  • maintenance of web-portals for the Local Bar Council and the Chamber of Legal Advisers;
  • legal reference system containing a set of legal information that enables quickly finding an ultimate solution to any problem related to legislation, as well as analyzing an array of information.

Of the above advantages, please note automation of provision and record of online state guaranteed legal assistance.

This automation will ensure:

  • transition to paperless document workflow as part of advocacy activities digitalization;
  • transparency of lawyers appointment by pre-trial investigation bodies and courts;
  • promotion of assignments distribution more evenly as well as equal access of lawyers to legal assistance as defense lawyers;
  • availability of legal assistance in the form of legal information sharing to individuals and legal entities.

You can get the service on website, also, you can download “Zan Komegi” mobile app in Play Market or App Store.

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