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Submission of statistical forms in online mode Printable version

Last update: 12.12.2022

To enter (authorize) the respondent's account you need an electronic digital signature. Without authorization, the following menu sections are available in the respondent's account: «Home», «Сhecklist» and «Calendar».

After the authorization, select the section «My Reports»> «Effective periods»> select the form from the list and click the «Create report» button. In the «Effective periods» section all forms are displayed for which the current date is included in the reporting period of the forms. In the «My Reports» section, when you click the «Edit» button, you can edit the previously saved un-signed report - the status «Draft», or the signed and sent report - the status «Delivered». You can make changes to the report before the end of the submission date for the selected form.

The «Source of dispatch» field shows the source where the report was saved. You can view and edit reports signed by an EDS of the respondent - the source is LC, if in the report in the Source field the OW - one window is displayed, then the report was accepted on paper and not available for viewing.

Picture 1: My Reports page

The process of submitting the report electronically occurs in several stages:
1. Opening a form
2. Filling out the report
3. Preliminary saving and arithmetic logic control
4. Signing and sending the report

In the «Effective periods» section, the forms that are included in the list of mandatory forms for submission according to the «Checklist" are displayed. Forms that are not included in the list of mandatory forms can be selected in the "Calendar" section or through the «Form» field and by clicking on the «Find» button as shown in Figure 2. After selecting the form and the period, click the «Create» button. After that the transition to the mode of filling the statistical report will be done.

Figure 2: Searching the form on the My Reports page

A report consists of tables and individual elements. In the cells of the table the corresponding values of the directories and numerical values (statistical data) are put.

After filling the report, you need to save the report by clicking the «SAVE» button on the toolbar. To send, click on the «SEND» button.

The «Data Signature» dialog box will appear, then you must specify the path and select the certificate for the signature. When you click on the «Browse» button, a dialog box will open, indicating the path to the certificate. To sign the data, the system accepts certificates on the GOST algorithm, issued by the NSC RK.

After selecting the certificate, you must click the «OPEN» button. Then in the «Data Signature» window enter the password of the GOST certificate in the «Password» field.

After clicking the «SIGN» button, the data will be sent to the server of the Committee on Statistics.

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