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Last update: 22.09.2023

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can submit a statistical data form at the Respondent's Account by following the link. 

To view the base calendar, the list of statistical data forms and dates of submission to the statistical authorities, a user needs to go to the "Calendar" section by selecting the tab with a relevant name. The "Calendar" section is available both to authorized and unauthorized users. The page that opens will display a calendar and two lists of forms as tables (see Pic. 1):

  1. Final day for report submission.
  2. Other reports on this day.

Picture 1: Interface of "Calendar" section​

To view the list of statistical data forms that need to be submitted within the current period as well as statistical reporting history, a user needs to go to the "My Reports" section by selecting a tab with a relevant name. Afterwards, the page will open: (see Pic. 2):

Picture 2: Interface of "My reports" section​

The process of submitting a report online is carried out in several stages:

  1. Opening the form
  2. Filling-in a report
  3. Preliminary saving and arithmetical-logical control
  4. Signing and submitting a report

The report consists of tables and individual elements. The corresponding values of reference books and numerical values (statistical data) are put into the table cells.

After filling-in a report, you need to save it by clicking "SAVE" button on the toolbar. Click "SEND" button to submit the report.

Upon completion of the report fill-in, "Signing of Report" dialogue box will appear on the screen where you need to specify the path and select a signing certificate. When clicking "Continue" button, a dialogue box opens that specifies the path to a certificate. The system accepts certificates based on the GOST algorithm issued by the NCA RK for data signing.

After selecting a certificate, click "OPEN" button. Then, in "Signing of Data" window, enter a password for GOST certificate in "Password" field.

After clicking "SIGN" button, data will be sent to the server of the National Statistics Bureau.

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