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Last update: 10.09.2021

Pursuant to the applicable legislation, retirement age for men is 63 years old and for women it is 60 years old.

However, some Kazakhstani citizens can become pensioners earlier.

In the material, we will describe the underlying conditions.

In which cases women can retire before time?

The Law “On Pension Support of the Republic of Kazakhstan” stipulates an gradual increase of retirement age for women in the period from 2018 to 2027, i.e. within 10 years, 6 months annually.

By 2027, the retirement age for women will reach the one of men, i.e. 63 years old.

At the moment, women retire at the age of 60.

The service can be obtained on e-Gov Portal: Assignment of retirement pension payments

Increase of retirement age does not apply to women having a privilege of early retirement:

  • women who gave birth to (adopted) 5 and more children and brought them up to 8 years old (they can retire at the age of 53);
  • women who lived in the zones of extreme and maximum radiation risk of Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site in the period August 29, 1949 to July 5, 1963 for no less than 5 years (they can retire at the age of 45).

Also, the privilege was kept for women to keep labour experience during care for minor children but until reaching by each child of 3 years old within 12 years in general.   

Also provided is the offset in the length of participation in the pension system some socially important periods, such as caring for a disabled child under 16 years, while caring for a disabled person of the first group, the lone disability and old age pensioners in need of assistance, as well as for the elderly who reached eighty years of age, periods of residence of the spouses of servicemen (excluding conscripts), employees of special state bodies and their spouses in areas where there was no possibility of their employment in the specialty, periods of residence abroad of the spouse of employees of former Soviet institutions, institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international organizations, but not more than 10 years in total, and others.

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