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Complex testing of entrants (CTE) in Kazakhstan: what, where and how Printable version

Last update: 08.09.2021


Complex testing is a form of examination conducted simultaneously in several academic disciplines using information and communication technologies.
CT is conducted for persons who have mastered educational programs of higher education.  

Preparation for complex testing

Complex testing is carried out on the basis of HEIs where there are special state commissions. They conduct all organizational and public awareness work.  

For realization of control at complex testing representatives of Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan are sent to higher educational institutions.  

In corpuses where testing is conducted all audience, cabinets and other premises used for testing as well as entrance doors except those which are used for entrance and exit of enrollees are closed and sealed.

Acceptance of applications for participation in complex testing is conducted from 3 to 25 July of the calendar year.

Complex testing is conducted from 8-16 August of the calendar year.

Entrants passes documents personally. Documents from other persons are not accepted.  

For participation in complex testing enrollee submits following documents to the acceptance commission of linear  of higher educational institution and/or through the information system:

  1. application on the form of established sample;
  2. document on higher education (original, when submitting documents to the selection Committee);
  3. copy of identity document
  4. 2 photo in size of 3x4;
  5. medical reference by the form 086-У;
  6. receipt on payment for testing

Order of complex testing conduction

Enrollees enter the audience one by one. Person on duty carries out identification of personality of the enrollee on the basis of identity document, pass and pass stub. Enrollee takes a seat, strictly corresponding the number in sitting sheet, confirming that he/she sat on his/her seat.     

Rules of behavior during complex testing   

It should be noted that during testing everybody must maintain strict discipline.  

While conduction of complex testing it’s not permitted:

  • to change a seat;
  • change exam materials;  
  • cheat;
  • use textbooks, other methodical literature, mobile tools.

In case of violation of rules representative of authorized body makes an act on forbidden subjects and removal of candidate and makes a decision about cancellation of testing results. In case of refuse to pass exam materials for processing upon finish of complex testing, representative of authorized body makes an act. Therewith the results of exam material are not processed. 

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