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Last update: 10.09.2021

educational programs

Since 2018, the “Atameken” National Chamber of Entrepreneurs in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the RoK has been conducting an independent assessment of Kazakhstani universities` educational programs.  

The rating has 17 criteria among which are the following ones: percentage of employed graduates and their average salary; duration of search for a job after graduation, and also assessment of current programs.   

Within the rating development, 90 professions have been covered, 2036 educational programs have been assessed, 6000 expert statements have been issued by 700 experts from all the regions of the RK.  

Following the rating results, it was established that the level of graduate employment is 74% while an average monthly salary of graduates is KZT  103.285.

Duration of search for a job from the moment of diploma obtainment is 3.5 months; graduates majoring in “Transport Construction” usually find a job within 2 months while graduates majoring in “Foreign Philology”, “Dentistry” and “Customs Affairs” usuallt spend over 5 months to find a job.   

The below universities were recognized as the best ones by the “Atameken” rating:

1. KIMEP University

2. Kazakh Humanities and Law Univesrity

3. International Information Technologies University

4. Suleyman Demirel University

5. Qostanay State Pedagogical Univesrity

The list of universities that demostarted low indicators in the “Atameken” rating:

  1. Syr-Darya University
  2. International SilkWay University
  3. Regional Social and Innovative University
  4. A. Kuatbekov Peoples' Friendship University
  5. Central Kazakhstan Academy

The universities have been determined with the best graduates employment indicator:

  1. K. Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering and Technology Institute– 86%
  2. Qostanay State Pedagogical Univesrity – 86%
  3. Atyrau Oil and Gas University– 85%.

The following universities demonstrated a high average salary indicator in the “Atameken” rating:

  1. Kazakhstani-British Technical University – KZT 242 288.
  2. KIMEP University– KZT 196 889.
  3. Kazakhstani-German University – KZT 196 691.

More information can be found by the following links:

  • Website: https ://
  • Instagram: @atameken_ratings
  • Telegram channel: atameken_ratings
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