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Last update: 20.05.2020

State sanitary-epidemiological control - is presented by activity of sanitary-epidemiological service bodies for prevention, detection and restraint of legislation violations in the field of population health and environment protection.
Sanitary-epidemiological activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan   is carried out by state bodies for sanitary-epidemiological service:

  • republic sanitary-epidemiological station;
  • state organizations dealing with sanitary-epidemiological inspection on state border, on the territories and in transport; state organization carrying out sanitary-epidemiological inspection when solemn  measures with participation of state officials;
  • republic research organizations working in the field of sanitary-epidemiological prosperity  of population in accordance with Kazakhstan legislation;
  • state anti scorbutic institutions.

Sanitary-epidemiological control - is the control over people and cargos migration across state border which is conducted in order to prevent infective and parasitic diseases bringing in the territory of the country. Substances and products potentially dangerous for man’s life also pass sanitary control.

Officials of sanitary-epidemiological service conducts the following types of control on the object of state sanitary-epidemiological control:

  • special checks - planned by the state control and supervision body on the basis of risk assessment with respect to a specific audited entity (object) in order to prevent and (or) eliminate the immediate threat to life and health of the person, the environment, the legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities, state.
  • unscheduled - an audit appointed by the control and supervision body on specific facts and circumstances that served as the basis for the appointment of an inspection for a particular audited entity (object), with a view to preventing and (or) eliminating the immediate threat to life and health of the person, the environment, legitimate interests individuals and legal entities, the state.

Dangerous cargos and goods prohibited by Kazakhstan legislation are not admitted into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  If control bodies state that certain goods bringing can give rise to mass non-infectious diseases and poisonings those goods are also not allowed into Kazakhstan.

Restrictive measures including quarantine which are imposed in case of infectious diseases threat: 

  • Short- term termination of passenger transportation (air, railway, water and car transport), communication with countries unfavorable for infectious diseases;
  • Short-term termination of citizenry tourist and business trips to countries unfavorable for infectious diseases;
  • Temporary closing of state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan with neighbor countries unfavorable for infectious diseases.

Operative guidance over restrictive measures is imposed on territorial and republic emergency anti epidemic commissions. Restrictive measures including quarantine are imposed (canceled) by decision of chief state sanitary inspector of corresponding territory (in transport) or his deputies.

List of infectious diseases which threat requires restrictive measures (including quarantine) imposing:

  • Plague
  • Cholera
  • Yellow fever
  • Acute respiratory syndrome
  • Viral hemorrhagic fever including:
  1. Ebol fever
  2. Marburg disease
  3. Lass fever
  • Viral hepatitis with fecal-oral transfer mechanism  
  • Typh-parathyphoid diseases
  • Salmonellosis
  • Dysentery 
  • Other acute intestinal infections
  • Air-respiratory infection
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