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Last update: 10.09.2021

Since January 1, 2020, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population has launched the Social Services Portal.

Social Services Portal (hereinafter: Portal) is a part of a single information system in the social labour field and is represented by an automated system that enables the disabled obtaining rehabilitation goods and services directly from suppliers.

Five services out of 6 (taxi services for the disabled) were digitized on the Portal:

  • delivery of specialized social services;
  • provision of technical rehabilitation means;
  • delivery of services by a sign language specialist;
  • delivery of personal assistant services;
  • delivery of sanatorium-resort treatment services

The social services portal has been developed under implementation of the National Plan to ensure the rights of the disabled and improve their quality of life. The disabled can remotely order 24 out of 55 types of technical rehabilitation means (hereinafter: TRM) and special social services in state institutions.

Provision of the disabled with rehabilitation means involve the provision of prosthetic and orthopedic, sound technical and blind aid as well as hygienic products and wheelchairs. Special social services include the services of individual assistants, sign language specialists and sanatorium-resort treatment.

The portal provides equal access to rehabilitation means and services and timely social assistance under the ones-stop shop principle without leaving home, as well as takes into account individual needs and provides information about suppliers, social workers and specialists. This will increase fair competition and ensure transparency of potential suppliers’ participation when selling rehabilitation means and services.

The list of 24 types of TRM provided on the Portal

Registration procedure of the suppliers on the Portal


User instruction on how to work with the Social Service Portal is available on the following link:

Services recipients can use the Portal unassisted or with the help of employees from employment and social programs departments.

The launch of the Portal helped to improve the quality of TRM and services provision, reduce the time and targeting of their receipt, determine the real need for TRM and services.

Until the end of this year, detailed instructions will be developed for service recipients and suppliers on how to use the Portal, as well as training courses for employees of employment and social programs departments.

In case of any questions related to the use of the Social Services Portal, please contact the Integrated Call Center for social and labor spheres by calling 1411.


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