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Last update: 12.04.2021

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National “Atameken” Chamber of Entrepreneurs is a non-profit organization intended to reinforce businesses’ negotiation capabilities in relationships with Government and with government agencies. Chamber of Entrepreneurs represents the interests of small, medium and large businesses, with its activities covering all areas of entrepreneurship, including domestic and foreign trade.

Atamekеn NCE’s main goal is to protect businesses’ interests and ensure wide coverage and involvement of all businessmen in the creation of legal framework for business.

National Chamber’s activity is aimed at enhancing the investment climate, the stability and development of business environment in the country, both for national and international investors.

NCE’s basic functions:

  • representing and protecting entrepreneurs’ rights and lawful interests; 
  • performing public monitoring of businessmen’s activity, and of the environment for entrepreneurship in regions;
  • participating the governmental programs for supporting and developing entrepreneurship;
  • supporting domestic manufacturing and enlarging the share of local content in organizations’ procurement;
  • training, re-training, and advanced training of human resources, developing technical and vocational education;
  • encouraging the business entities’ foreign trade activities;
  • attracting investments and economy diversification.

Moreover, NCE is committed to actively involving Kazakhstan businesses in implementing the state programs. It protects the businesses’ interests in the government authorities and local governments. NCE enlarges and strengthens the relationships with business community in foreign countries, and also supports Kazakhstan businesses in terms of integration processes. 

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