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Last update: 15.03.2024

handsThe social protection of persons with disabilities in Kazakhstan isregulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Cod of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Social Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Support for children with disabilities is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 343 "On Social and Medical-Pedagogical Corrective Support for Children with Disabilities" dated July 11, 2002. The Act defines the forms and methods of social, medical and pedagogical remedial support for children with special needs, aimed at creating an effective system of assistance to children with developmental needs, addressing problems related to their upbringing, education, labour and vocational training and preventing children's disabilities.

Online tools

The official websites of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan have a special version developed for visually impaired citizens. This column contains a choice of font and background color of the portal for ease of use.

Since 2016, in the front offices of the «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC have been running the “Surdo-Online” service for rendering public services to citizens with hearing and speech impairments. The service is a videoconference between a service provider with hearing problems, a sign language operator and an employee of the front office of the State Corporation.

Surdo-Online program is available in the polyclinics, employment centers and departments, some hotels, universities, insurance companies, business structures, Almaty International Airport, hotels and "Magnum" shops network. 

Surdo-Online (SOL) is a cloud-based online video service with online sign language interpreters. It enables organizations to create a comfortable environment for persons with hearing and/or speech impairments at minimal cost, and enables persons with disabilities to access communications and services. In real time, a person with hearing and speech problems contacts an interpreter who will deliver his or her message to those to whom he or she is speaking. Conversely, the words of an employee of a company that was contacted by a persons with disabilities are translated into sign language.

The SURDO-ONLINE project was founded in 2016 and provides services to state and business structures on the basis of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Social Protection of Disabled Persons".

At the same time, the SOL platform provides a single broadcast for the visually impaired - sign language interpretation and an audio descriptive commentary for the visually impaired through headphones from the SOL mobile application. 

The "SURDO-ONLINE" project provides qualified and certified sign language specialists for all deaf people in Kazakhstan and abroad, regardless of the location of the person with disabilities and the time of his request. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only condition is access to the Internet. You can use this service both from your computer and from your mobile phone or tablet.

The SOL - Surdo Online platform provides a single centralized management of online translation services: 

  1. Call-center services – oral (sign) language.
  2. Written translation.
  3. Audio descriptive commentary (is a concise description of an object, space or action that the blind person does not understand without special verbal explanations).
  4. Broadcasts (support for gala concerts and events).

With the help of the mobile application it is possible to connect friends, relatives, volunteers as translators who will help to solve issues on education, communication difficulties by means of sign translation through the mobile application SOL "My Friends" and for visually impaired people by audio descriptive commentary.

The e-Government portal for persons with disabilities also provides information on useful online services, divided into categories of service delivery for ease of reference.

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