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Last update: 30.01.2024

car is undergoing a technical inspection

Since 2012, the procedure for passing the Motor Vehicle Inspection has been transferred to "private hands". An individual entrepreneur or a legal entity can open his own business for inspecting vehicles for technical condition and issue a vehicle inspection form. But, of course, when opening such a business, it is necessary to observe the conditions of technical equipment required by the state, as well as to observe the conditions for servicing vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Inspection station can be both stationary and mobile, which carries out an inspection of vehicles according to the schedule approved in the Akimat. A driver of his own car or a trusted person can pass a Motor Vehicle Inspection in any station, not considering the registration or region of residence, but according to the category.

Exceptional cases in vehicle inspection

Vehicles of individuals and legal entities are inspected in private inspection stations except for vehicles belonging to the diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreigners and stateless persons, as well as to branches and representations of foreign legal entities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, enterprises with foreign participation are made through organizations for work with diplomatic missions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Also, in the declaration of martial law or mobilization, the transfer of troops to the highest degree of combat readiness, the technical condition of vehicles is checked by Motor Vehicle Inspection operators with the participation of representatives of local military command agencies.

State Register or Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations

Inclusion in the Register provides for the submission by an individual entrepreneur and a legal entity to the transport control bodies of a notification of the beginning of the operation of the Motor Vehicle Inspection operator in the manner provided for in Article 46 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Permits and Notifications" dated May 16, 2014.

For inclusion in the register of inspection stations it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  1. Application;
  2. A copy of the certificate or a certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity for a legal entity;
  3. A copy of the identity document and a certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur for an individual entrepreneur;
  4. Notarized copies of documents confirming the right of ownership or possession and use of real property of the Motor Vehicle Inspection operator with an inscription on the registration of rights to real estate, - in the case of opening a fixed line of Motor Vehicle Inspection;
  5. Copies of passports for testing equipment and measuring instruments with an indication of the period of initial verification issued by the manufacturer and (or) a copy of the documents confirming the verification of measuring instruments and certification of testing equipment with the provision of originals for reconciliation. Originals after verification are returned to the applicant;
  6. Information on test equipment and measuring instruments offered by the applicant for the organization of a Motor Vehicle Inspection station;
  7. Information on the compliance of the territory and the premises of the Motor Vehicle Inspection station with the requirements of the State Standard ST RK 1811-2018 "Motor vehicles. 


The application is processed within 3 working days. Based on the results of consideration, written notification is sent to the operator about inclusion in the register or a reasoned refusal.

After inclusion in the Register of Motor Vehicle Inspection stations, the operator applies to the transport control body with an application for the issuance of forms for certificates of mandatory Motor Vehicle Inspection, indicating their number. The application will be processed within 1 business day. After that, the operator will receive a notification of the delivery of the forms. Further, to receive the forms, it is necessary to pay to the budget for selling the blanks.

The exclusion from the register of Motor Vehicle Inspection operators can be based on:

Requirements for the work of Motor Vehicle Inspection station


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