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Last update: 05.10.2021


Academic certificates are among major documents in a person`s life as their availability is important for recruitment or further education. Their accidental loss can deprive you of the possibility to be recruited or get second higher education. Unfortunately, nobody is insured against documents loss and in this article you will get to know how to restore the documents.     

Let`s review several situations: 

  • diploma of higher education is lost;
  • secondary specialized college certificate (vocational college, lyceum, college) is lost;
  • and finally, secondary school certificate is lost.


How to restore diploma of higher education?

Diploma issued by higher education organization is an important document when applying for a job and its loss might bring a lot of problems during recruitment.  Thus, if this happened, start restoring the documents.

Duplicate academic certificates with final performance records are issued instead of lost or wore out ones, and also when a person changed his/her surname (name/ patronymic). 

Grounds for duplicates issuance are:

  • application by graduate or parent of underage child (legal representative), who lost or spoil a document, addressed to the head of educational organization;
  • copy of graduate`s birth certificate and national ID (passport);
  • an original copy of academic certificate should be enclosed when surname (name/ patronymic) is altered or document is damaged.

If your maiden surname was indicated in the diploma and you have changed it than when submitting an application you should enclose a copy of marriage certificate. Though, your maiden surname will still be indicated in a duplicate diploma.

Duplicate is issued free-of-charge not later than 30 calendar days from the date of application submission.

In case, if educational organization was liquidated, an individual applies to the archive at the place of educational organization location. Copies and extracts issued by national archives and their branches are official documents that have legal force of an original copy.  

Duplicate documents are issued on the blank forms relevant at the time of making decision on duplicate issuance and are signed by the head of educational organization or by the deputy for training activity.      

Stamp “Duplicate in exchange for original copy No. _____” is put down in the top right corner of the issued document.

How to restore secondary specialized college certificate?

Certificates obtained at technical and vocational organizations (vocational college, lyceum, college) can be restored in the way similar to restoration of diploma of higher education. 

You should write an application for duplicate issuance. The application should be addressed to the head of educational organization in accordance with the format established by this organization.    

In case, if educational organization was liquidated, an individual applies to the archive at the place of educational organization location.

How to restore secondary school certificate?

First of all you should visit a school you attended.  You should fill in standard application addressed to the director of a school indicating the consequences of certificate loss. Period of secondary school certificate restoration takes from a month to half a year, so that is why you should take the initiative for its quick restoration yourself.    

In case, if your school was re-organized, address to Education Department where you will be forwarded to an educational organization appointed as legal successor as this organization keep archival data about your certificate.

The fact of graduation from an educational organization is established on the basis of relevant documents. For instance, notarized copy of secondary school certificate or written statements by teachers, who taught in the graduate`s class. If you live in another city, you need to visit your school to restore a certificate.

If you live in another city, for the restoration of the certificate can be obtained through a non-profit joint stock company "State Corporation "Government for citizens" according to the Standard of public service "Issuance of duplicate documents on basic secondary, General secondary education" approved by The orders of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from April 8, 2015 № 179.

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