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Depаrture of the child to оther city or abroad without parents or with one parent Printable version

Last update: 07.09.2021

child and shipDecided to send the child to other city, but, unfortunately, neither you, nor the second parent don't release from work. Learn, whether it is possible independently, without accompanying persons, to send the child to other city or the country, and whether has value what transport: by plane, by bus or by train.

Departure within RK

If you send the child by plane

According to rules of transportations of passengers, baggage and freights on air transport children in the plane are transported as accompanied, and without adult passengers. To the accompanying person if it not the parent or the legal trustee of the child, it is necessary to arrange the power of attorney certified by the notary. On internal flights children from 6 to 16 years can follow without parents and aren't entrusted any of passengers. Unaccompanied children are accepted by airline to transportation only after the written application of parents (adoptive parents, trustees) or trustees. In the statement the parent confirms the fact of sending the child without maintenance, shows the term of a trip and the name of a country. Children under 6 years are transported only accompanied by the full age passenger.

If you send the child of N the train

Unlike the plane children till 15 years are forbidden to go by a rail transport without maintenance. According to rules of transportations of passengers, baggage and cargo baggage by rail the passenger who isn't the parent or other legal representative of the child, shows in a ticket office and when landing in the train the document on the right of escort of the child (the power of attorney certified notarially). Within RK there is enough power of attorney at least on behalf of one parent. If the child goes with one of parents, the power of attorney from the second parent isn't required. Children of 15 years also are more senior can move on a rail transport without maintenance.

Departure of the child abroad

If the second parent lives in other country, whether his consent is necessary in case of departure of the child?


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