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June 21, 2024

Now users can apply for the service of recognition of documents on higher/ secondary/ technical and post-secondary education via the e-Gov portal online
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June 21, 2024

Енді пайдаланушылар онлайн режимінде электрондық үкіметтің порталында жоғары, орта, техникалық және орта білімнен кейінгі білім туралы құжаттарды тану қызметіне өтінім бере алады
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June 21, 2024

Теперь пользователи могут подать заявку на услугу признания документов о высшем, среднем, техническом и послесреднем образовании на портале электронного правительства в режиме онлайн

Projects in the field of AI


Remote disability confirmation


Benefits for citizens: The launch of the project signifies that disabled people do not have to prove their disability status anymore as one-time confirmation will be enough. Previously, disabled people had to prove their disability status as well as to undergo a number of medical examinations to get social benefits.

Effect for government: Now, as the project has been launched, disability confirmation is carried out automatically by means of sending information from outpatients` clinics to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Moreover, corruption risks are decreased due to reduction in direct contact between service provider and service recipient.


«Childbirth» proactive service


The “Childbirth” proactive service was successfully launched, which combines such procedures as: obtainment of birth certificate, putting a child into a waiting list to kindergarten, assignment of benefits for birth and care, and also registration at the place of residence.

Benefits for citizens: Previously, to obtain birth certificate, one had to visit various specialized centers. Now, a novice mother obtains SMS by answering to which she will get all 4 components of one service. Also, the service is available in Telegram app via @EgovKzBot.

Effect for government: Implementation of proactive services enabled decreasing service delivery time up to 2 working days while paperwork was decreased by 300 thousand documents.


«Virtual consultant»


Online service to consult citizens on the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection services was launched. Now, requests from users and answers are processing online 24/7 both in Kazakh and Russian. Also, it is possible to obtain consultation remotely through messengers (Telegram, Facebook) and widget on portal.

Benefits for citizens: To get answers to their questions, citizens do not have to visit government agencies and wait in queues anymore. The virtual consultant provides information on 17 public services delivered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and also provides consultations on 5 thousand requests. Online consultations allow saving time both for users and the Ministry`s staff.


Projects in the field of BD




The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection implemented the “e-Khalyk” information system which is intended to record information on families’ structure, their welfare, targeted orientation, living conditions and private subsidiary farms. The information will help to determine who and to which extent need social assistance and how to enhance the quality of low-income families` lives.


Benefits for citizens:

Previously, admission of applications from citizens took a lot of time and was complicated by gathering of various documents, drawing up housing conditions inspection reports and providing them to regional centers. Now, it is enough for a citizen to have national ID, other information is sent to “e-Khalyk” IS automatically through integration with government agencies` databases.

Effect for government:

Application of “e-Khalyk” IS makes the operation of local executive bodies and government agencies more transparent, and also enables preventing corruption offences.


Digital platform assisting in job placement was launched, which unites job seekers, employers, private employment agencies, online web-platforms and mass media. is an e-portal for job placement and search of suitable personnel.

Benefits for citizens: Previously, a job seeker had to attend an employment center, fill in various papers and wait for an answer. Now, all that is available online. Job seekers can publish their CVs free-of-charge while employers can place information on current vacancies. Thus, it became much easier and faster to find a job or a new employee. Unlike other job placement platforms, online labour exchange focuses on searching for a job in regions. Citizens have an opportunity to find a job almost in any part of the country.

Effect for government: Due to the launch of online labour exchange, job placement process was reduced twofold and the procedure itself became transparent. At the moment, over 98 thousand employers and about 486 thousand job seekers are registered on the exchange. In 2018, over 533 thousand job seekers found jobs via online labour exchange of which 409 thousand found permanent jobs. The employment process was decreased twofold while the number of job placements increased by 18%. The estimated economic effect of the implemented activities in 2018 amounted to KZT 1.8 billion. The implementation of such a large-scale project can potentially decrease the country`s unemployment rate.


Single System for Registration of Electronic Employment Agreements


Single system for registration of electronic employment agreements was created to protect the labour rights and withdraw from paper-based employment records and other documents required for employment. Diplomas, CVs, employment histories as well as various abstracts will be kept in a single database. Moreover, the system will help to decrease informal employment when an employer exploits employees without concluding any employment agreements.

Effect for government: Increase in employment transparency, and also the possibility will be eliminated of blackmarketeering with employment records.

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