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Last update: 16.03.2023

The program of subsidized housing for young people "Abai Zhastary" starts in Semey. Being launched for the first time, the housing program for acquisition of housing by young people will be implemented through Otbasy Bank JSC in cooperation with the Housing Inspectorate Department of Akimat.

  • The maximum amount of loan that is provided to one participant is KZT 15.000.000 and if the cost of housing is more than KZT 15 million, the difference is paid by an applicant at his/her own expense.
  • An initial payment for the purchase of an apartment is 10% of the cost of housing.
  • The interest rate is 5%.
  • The maximum loan term is up to 19 years.

An applicant's solvency is determined according to the in-house documentation of Otbasy Bank.

Who is eligible to participate in the "Abai zhastary" program?

  1. All those on the waiting list for housing out of a state housing fund from 18 to 35 years old inclusively.
  2. Journalists (full-time media workers) from 18 to 35 years old inclusively.
  3. Culture and sports workers working in state and budget institutions (from 18 to 35 years inclusively).
  4. Healthcare workers (full-time employees in state, republican and budgetary organizations/institutions, (from 18 to 35 years inclusively).

Requirements to participants  

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan aged between 18 to 35 can apply for participation in the state program. An applicant for subsidized conditions should meet the following requirements:

  • Have registration in Semey, Abay region. For married persons, as well as those with children under the age of 18, registration of all family members in a locality is mandatory.
  • A potential participant or family members who live with him/her, should not have own housing or rental with the right to buy and without the right to buy (for the last 5 years) . The exception is housing, condition of which is recognized as emergency.
  • Official employment for at least 1 year in the field of culture, sports, healthcare, mass media, except for those in the waiting lists of local executive bodies.
  • Citizens of appropriate age who are in need of housing (namely, children left without care, orphans) have the right to participate in the program regardless of the type of professional activity.
  • It is important to note: if a married couple is a participant in the program, then only one of the spouses can submit an application.

The list of documents for participation in the "Abai Zhastary" program.

To participate in the regional program, an applicant will need to prepare a package of documents (scan copies). Please note that the date of receipt of the certificates should be no earlier than 10 days from the date of sending an application:

  • An application in the prescribed form (issued by Housing Inspectorate Department).
  • Certificate on absence (availability) of immovable property in the Republic of Kazakhstan issued for an applicant and all family members.
  • Statement of pension accruals for the last year received from the e-Gov portal ( )
  • Confirmation of an applicant's civil status (marriage or divorce certificate, child's birth certificate, disability certificate if available).
  • A certificate of employment on an official letterhead or certified by the seals of an organization, indicating a position, period of work, salary amount.
  • Documents confirming the length of service (track record, etc.).

If necessary, an authorized body has the right to request other supporting documents.
How and where to apply

Applications will be accepted by the State Housing Inspectorate of Semey in Abay region" at the following address: 9/1 Schmidt str., office on the 1st floor, acceptance of documents will begin on December 22, 2022 and will last until January 12, 2023 inclusive (for 14 working days), reception hours from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM. Upon completion of applications acceptance, documents are checked within the period of up to 15 calendar days.

In case of positive statement, an applicant will be notified about it and if he/she won`t appear within the allotted time, a local executive body has the right to transfer participation in the program to a next applicant in queue.

Upon successful undergoing of an inspection, a citizen should find a suitable housing for purchase. To do this, he/she is given a time interval of up to 30 calendar days. Then, an applicant should make a deal within 15 days. If, for some reason, a participant does not fulfill his obligations, Akimat sends a referral for participation to a next applicant in the list.

The list of applicants is formed by categories (spheres) based on the point system (by the highest number of points):



For each year in a registered marriage


If there is 1 (one) child


For a second child and more


For belonging to the VSG*


For each year of experience in this category (field)


If a participant of the program is in the queue for housing in for one of the categories


VSG– vulnerable social groups of the population pursuant to the Article 68 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Housing Relations".

If the applicants have equal points, priority is given to participants with an earlier date and time of submission of an application and documents.

Source: Akimat.

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