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Last update: 21.08.2023

Working time refers to the period of time when employee performs his/ her duties according to employer’s acts, terms and conditions of the employment agreement as well as other periods of time in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Working hours: 

  1. normal (mustn’t exceed 40 hours per week);
  2. shortened;
  3. part-time.

To working time refer: 

  1. periods of preparatory-final work (obtaining a task-order, materials, tools, acquaintance with equipment, documentation, preparation and cleaning of the workplace, delivery of finished products, etc.), breaks provided for by technology, labor organization; labor safety and protection regulations;
  2. the time of presence or waiting of work in the workplace, when the employee does not have free time;
  3. duty on holidays and weekends; duty at home, as well as other periods that, in accordance with labor, collective contracts, acts of the employer or normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Shortened working hours are fixed for: 

  1. employees under eighteen: for workers aged from fourteen to sixteen years – no more than 24 hours a week; for workers aged from sixteen to eighteen years – no more than 36 hours a week.
  2. laborers working under arduous and harmful labor conditions - no more than 36 hours a week;
  3. invalids of the first or second degree of disability - no more than 36 hours a week.

Part time work: 

  1. half-day;
  2. short week;
  3. simultaneous decrease of the daily work (work shift) duration norm  and reduction of working days in the working week.

Part-time work does not entail restrictions on duration of paid annual leave, calculation of length of service and other rights in the labor area established by this Code, labor, collective contracts, agreements.

The employer, upon the written application of a pregnant woman, one of the parents (adoptive parent), having a child (children) under the age of three, sets the part-time working time.

Working weeks kinds: 

  1. Five-day working week with two days off
  2. Six-day working week with a day off 

Daily work (shift) duration:

  1. The duration of daily work should not exceed 8 hours, except for the cases prescribed by the Labor Code and other laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. The duration of working day (work shift), the start and the end of the working day (work shift), the breaks in the work are determined in compliance with the established rules of the working week, by the rules of labour order by the organizations, the labour and collective contracts;
  3. Intellectuals of the professional art and leisure organizations, media   men, sportsmen coaches some other working hours (working shift) can be fixed in accordance with labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, employer’s acts, collective and individual employment agreements.

Work at night 

Working hours considered to be night are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

  • workers under the age of eighteen;
  • pregnant women provided the reference of pregnancy to the employer.

are not allowed to the night work.

Overtime work: 

  1. Two hours a day.
  2. For employees, working under arduous and harmful labor conditions, overtime hours mustn’t exceed an hour.
  3. Totally overtime work mustn’t exceed twelve hours a month and one hundred and twenty hours per year.

Involvement of the workers to overtime work is allowed only with the written consent of the employee except as provided by the Labor Code.

Overtime work without consent of the employee is allowed: 

  1. When performing the works necessary for country defending as well as emergencies, disasters or industrial accidents preventing or for immediate eliminating of their consequences.
  2. For eliminating other factors, preventing the successful performance of water supply, gas service, heating, energy delivery and other utilities.
  3. For permanency of the operation, when relieving worker being absent, and the work to be continuous, urgent measures, on some other employee coming to work, must be assumed.

Overtime work is not allowed for: 

  1. Pregnant women;
  2. Employees under 18;
  3. Disabled people.

Daily performance record includes

The time worked and unworked by the employee is subject to be recorded. At that, the overtime work, night work, weekends, holidays, days of business trips are separately taken into account.

In cases when during the working hours of the employee the periods of work performed out of the workplace are included or their performance may not be recorded by the employer within a specific time, these periods are noted in the records of working hours as performance of the scope of work established by the employment contract.

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