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Last update: 19.12.2023

Earth in handsOn the market of translation services the demand is gradually increasing. In Kazakhstan translators from Kazakh language into Russian and from Russian into Kazakh and English languages services are in demand. Recently services of Chinese- Russian translators or trilingual translator – Kazakh, Russian, Chinese also became popular.      

Translation business should be opened by the person who knows at least one foreign language at the level of verbal communication and with writing skills. But with a big desire it’s also possible to open this business without relevant education. So, what should you do for opening translation bureau, weather any approval documents are required?  

According to RK Law from May 16, 2014 № 202-V «About permissions and notifications» there is no necessity in getting a permission from state body for operation of such activity.

To render paid translation services you need to register as an individual entrepreneur and timely pay taxes. To operate such activity, if annual income does not exceed 300- fold MS set by art. 429 of Tax Code, you are recommended to organize individual entrepreneurship with the use of special tax regime on the basis of patent.   

If you will use the labor of employed workers, you are recommended to organize individual entrepreneurship with the use of special tax regime on the basis of simplified declaration.

In case of necessity of business extension entrepreneur may count on the support from the state within the Program "Implementation of the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021. To get a credit within the program , entrepreneur must realize projects in priority sectors of economics set by the program. They include more than 50 branches, these are manufacturing industry, production of food products, cloth production, textiles, services such as education,medicine, translation major, scientific and technical activities, and others. 

Openingof language courses

In the field of education following types of activity are subject to licensing:

  • general educational programs of primary, general secondary education;
  • professional programs of technical and professional education including by professions and specialties;
  • professional programs of post- secondary, higher, post higher education, including by specialties;  
  • religious educational programs .

Thus, organizations rendering additional educational services including teaching of language courses are not subject to licensing. Absence of licensing of such organization does not deprive it of the right to issue certificates about course completion. You may organize language courses with issuance of certificates or without, but certificate issued by your company does not give a right for your students to teach, but confirms the fact of learning a language during particular period indicating the level of student.

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