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Provision of citizens with medicinal preparations Printable version

Last update: 19.12.2023

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall have the right to be provided with medicinal preparations within the guaranteed scope of free medical aid.

Authorized agency for heath shall approve the list of major (vital) medicinal preparations. Based on the list, each medical organization creates a medical formulary which is posted in the places for visual information for citizens. 

Medicinal preparations that are given for free shall be marked with a medical organization’s special stamp.

Citizens shall be provided with medicinal preparations for free in terms of guaranteed scope based on the approved organization’s medicine formulary:

1. when rendering emergency medical aid;

2. in medical organizations that render: in-patient medical aid, in-patient replacing medical aid, and resort cure.

When rendering medical aid beyond the guaranteed scope, medicinal preparations shall be provided on a payment basis.

When being cured on an outpatient or in-patient replacing basis, citizens are provided with medicinal preparations:              

1. against the prescriptions for free or with graces, according to the list of diseases and certain categories of citizens;

2. for full price.

Pharmaceutics organizations perform retail selling of the medicinal preparations:

1. against the doctors’ prescriptions;

2. without prescriptions.

In the event of non-availability of pharmaceutics organizations in remote rural areas, medicinal preparations shall be provided for free and/or with graces by organizations that render primary medical/sanitary aid.

When purchasing medicinal preparations against free and/or beneficial prescriptions, a citizen should present:

1. document of personal identification;
2. or birth certificate of a seek child (or notarized duplicate).

Citizens suffering from tuberculosis, in case they are cured on an outpatient basis, are provided anti-tuberculosis medicines for free, via anti-tuberculosis hospitals.

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