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Last update: 23.05.2024

driver's license

Each driver may face the need to re-issue or restore a driving license due to its loss (theft), expiration or change of name. There are a number of important aspects for each of the described situations. Familiarize with the procedure for re-issuance and restoration, which will help you quickly get a driving license.

Re-issuance of driving license due to loss or theft

For re-issuance of driving license you need to apply to the branches of  “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation  and submit the following documents:

  • ID document;
  • health certificate and its copy in 073/у form, abstract from psychoneurological and narcological dispensaries (is only required if a driving license has expired);
  • certificate on undergoing of training courses and its copy obtained via an automated information system (except cases of self-training)
  • document certifying payment of state duty (1.25 MCI) (online payment).

A new driving license with the mark "In replacement of the lost one" is issued without the need to pass the traffic rules exams.

For a person changing his/her place of residence or leaving for military service, study, on a long business trip (more than three months), a driving license instead of a lost one is issued before the expiration of a month based on supporting documents.

Found driving licenses, instead of which the owners obtained other driving licenses, lose their legal force from the moment of issuance of new driving licenses and are subject to mandatory delivery to the DIA for their subsequent destruction.

Driving license exchange

Exchange of a driving license is performed in the following cases:

  1. Change of surname, name, patronymic (if available).
  2. Unfitness to be used.
  3. Expiration of validity.
  4. At an owner`s wish.

Pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of July 3, 2017 No. 83-VI “On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Road Traffic”, examination upon the expiry of a driving license is not required. 

To exchange a driving license, an applicant needs to apply to “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation with the package of documents:

  • ID document;
  • health certificate and its copy (is only required if a driving license has expired);
  • document certifying payment of state duty (1.25 MCI) (online payment).

In case if foreigners and stateless persons having registration at a permanent place of residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan apply, then driving licenses issued by a foreign state are to be provided with a translation into the state or Russian language.  

The delivery term of public service called "Re-issuance of driving licenses" is no more than 2 hours from the moment of documents submission


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