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June 21, 2024

Now users can apply for the service of recognition of documents on higher/ secondary/ technical and post-secondary education via the e-Gov portal online
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June 21, 2024

Енді пайдаланушылар онлайн режимінде электрондық үкіметтің порталында жоғары, орта, техникалық және орта білімнен кейінгі білім туралы құжаттарды тану қызметіне өтінім бере алады
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June 21, 2024

Теперь пользователи могут подать заявку на услугу признания документов о высшем, среднем, техническом и послесреднем образовании на портале электронного правительства в режиме онлайн



The automated integrated information system "Electronic Government Procurement" (hereinafter - EGP) is designed to conduct government procurement in real time. The system ensures the conclusion of electronic contracts on the needs of customers for the supply of goods, works, services, their consolidation, procurement procedures, determination of the supplier, publication of information about the concluded contracts and the results of their execution on the web portal of public procurement.


Conducting public procurement in real time, ensuring the transparency of the process and the effectiveness of the use of budget funds.


- reduction of budgetary expenses for the purchase of goods, works and services for state needs;

- a unified procedure for the formation and placement of state orders;

- reducing the cost of conducting public procurement procedures;

- creation of equal conditions for competition among suppliers of products;

- quick access to the accumulated information;

- significant reduction in paperwork;

- increasing the transparency and openness of the public procurement process;

- reducing the number of violations in the public procurement process.


- registration of participants in the public procurement process;

- planning of public procurement;

- collection of information on public procurement carried out;

- conducting electronic public procurement, including the exchange of electronic documents between a customer and a potential supplier;

- providing information on planned, ongoing and implemented public procurement through the public procurement web portal;

- formation of statistics and reporting on public procurement;

- publication of explanations and normative and reference information in the field of public procurement;

- submission and publication of information included in the public procurement registers;


- an effective way to fight corruption;

- real budget savings;

- convenience of work in the field of public procurement;

- сreation of effective conditions for healthy competition;

- support for the development of domestic entrepreneurship;

Purchasing methods:

EGP by way of request for quotations is the simplest method of electronic public procurement, in which the decisive criterion for choosing a winner is the lowest price for a product, work or service offered by a potential supplier.

An electronic competition – is a method of electronic public procurement, in which, in addition to the price of a product, work or service, other criteria are taken into account that affect the determination of the winner.

Electronic auction – is a method of public procurement, in which a product, work or service is purchased by a customer from a potential supplier who offered the lowest price for them, which was determined when it was lowered during an online auction.

EGP by the method from one source for failed purchases – is a method of selecting a supplier (contractor, performer), in which the customer, after recognizing the initial purchase as failed in the manner prescribed by law, proposes to conclude a purchase agreement only for one potential supplier.

EGP by the method from one source by direct conclusion of the contract – is a method of selecting a supplier (contractor, performer), in which the customer proposes to conclude a purchase contract only for one potential supplier and only if the basis on which the purchase is planned is included in the list of purchases by the method from one source by direct conclusion of the contract.




Project`s objective:

Assistance in implementation of tasks set by clause 38-40 of the “100 Concrete Steps” National Plan announced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on May 2015.

Description of the project:

The project involves cooperation with State Revenue Committee under Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan through which United Nations Conference on Trade And Development (UNCTAD) will deliver technical assistance and support to State Revenue Committee under Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan in upgrading and automating customs procedures, implementing e-declaring and enhancing workforce capacity.


“One-stop shop for export/import operations”


Project`s objective:

Reduction of the number of documents required for export/import as well as reduction of time needed for documents` processing. Development of e-declaring system (implementation of automated system for customs clearance of goods).


Description of the project:

Issues of creating an effective system for regulation, control and coordination of foreign economic activities directly affect the increase of economic upturn and the country`s competitiveness. Implementation of one-stop shop principle for export/import operations is one of the tools to tackle the issues.


One-stop shop comprises 13 information resources, and also integration was performed with 11 government agencies` information systems.


The portal`s features include the following elements:

- Obtainment of e-permit documents and licenses;

- E-services related to obtaining a status of an individual, who performs activities in the field of customs affairs;

- E-customs declaration;

- E-services related to issuance of customs preliminary decisions;

- Integrated customs tariff;

- References and registers of documents;

- Searching and viewing regulatory documents.


VAT administering with application of Blockchain technology


Project`s objective:

Settlement of state revenue agencies` issues related to VAT reimbursement.

Description of the project:

Creation of decentralized database that enables tracking taxpayers` financial transactions chains and reimbursing VAT. The existing administering practice has a number of flaws, including fraudulent and corruption schemes as well as time consuming and complicated VAT reimbursement procedure. Now, information on all transactions (for instance, issuance of invoice, payment) will be displayed in all the sites of Blockchain network in distributed register. This provides a high level of data safety and excludes cash withdrawal to shadow turnover. An important element of the system is Smart Contracts. It comprises automatic execution of the Tax Code rules. VAT declaration forms automatically without an accountant`s involvement; VAT reimbursement to the budget is guaranteed and is performed without inspection by tax authorities. Thus, VAT reimbursement terms for exporters were reduced from 55 days to 15 days. Therefore, a new method accelerates VAT reimbursement terms, makes the processes transparent and excludes frauds.


«Online checkout for business»


Project`s objective:

- Lack of checks by tax authorities;

- Reducing corruption (less interaction with tax officials);

- Automation of financial accounting and remote availability of financial information about the enterprise;

Description of the project:

Online checkout for business is a service that allows an entrepreneur to keep financial records of his business online and automatically submit tax returns to regulatory authorities.

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