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Submission of electronic application on marriage registration

have a registration in the base of mobile citizens).  *For submission of electronic application both applicants must marry for the first time and not to have children. Submission of application on registration of the second or more marriage is impossible. Age of marriage for women and men - 18 years …

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Submit electronic application for change of name, middle name and last name change registration

bring printed notification,  identity document , and two photos in size of 3*4 cm.   Submission of electronic application for registration of surname, name, patronymic change is possible only in case of marriage or divorcement. Civil registry office which will conduct the procedure of registration of

Service passport → Family → Marital status

Birth registration of a child, including the introduction of changes, additions and corrections in the civil registration records

Online service can be obtained by citizens who have married since June 1, 2008. How to get online service  Log in  to the website and click on the button "Order service online." Fill out the application and sign it by electronic  signature  or by means of sms-code (it is necessary to have a …

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Birth registration and obtaining a birth certificate, changes and additions to the Civil Registry Office records

place (issued not late than 7 days from the moment of submission). Notary certified procuration, for the case of service recipient’s representative addressing. For making the corrections, changes, and additions to the birth act record: Application.  Document identifying the personality (for personal …

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Assignment of the state subsistence allowance

through the gateway of "electronic government" to obtain the following information: ID of the applicant. The status of oralman. On registration of permanent or temporary residence for each family member. About Bank details in the authorized organization on issue of benefits. On the establishment of

Service passport → Family → Legal guardianship, support

Almost 3,000 couples have submitted online applications for marriage registration

times. Service " Submission of the electronic application for registration of marriage " can be found under the "Marital Status" section of the "Family" category on www.egov.kz. To get it you have to be registered on the portal and have a digital signature . During the application completing one of the …


List of services on EGP available for receipt through a one-time SMS password

admission the legal entity as inoperative legal entity or complicity of its parties to the inoperative legal entities 44. Submission of electronic application on marriage registration List of services on EGP available for receipt through a one-time SMS password List of services on EGP available for …


How to register a marriage in Kazakhstan

then they can send an electronic application for marriage registration via the online services of the e-government portal.For this, it is necessary to have an EDS for both applicants and their registration on the eGov.kz portal. This method is convenient when, for example, future spouses are not in the …

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Buying a property. Execution of the transaction of sale

documents. State registration of title to real estate (or encumbrances on such title) and transactions therewith shall be executed within 3 working days since the date of submission of application. Legal entities, in addition to the above documents, shall also submit constitutive documents. Applicant shall …

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Receiving services through OTP

representative office Obtaining a certificate on recognition of the legal entity as inactive legal entity or involvement of its participants in inactive legal entities  Submission of electronic application on marriage registration Apostil of the archival references, copies of archival documents or archive …


How to file for divorce

marriage for another, should indicate in his application for divorce that the common surname will be retained or changed to the premarital. Terms of state registration of divorce The period for state registration of divorce on a joint application of spouses is 30 calendar days. The term of rendering …

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Integrated Call Center 1414

Kazakhstan 2 Application submission for marriage registration   On registration of place of residence of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan  3 Child queuing for kindergarten On state registration (re-registration) of the legal entities, record registration (re-registration) their branches and …

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violation was fixed.   Submission of electronic application for marriage registration Who may use the service «Submission of electronic application for marriage registration»? Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan may get the service «Submission of electronic application for marriage registration» on the …


What documents need to be issued at birth?

Besides,  on the portal of electronic government  there is a possibility of filing online applications for registration of childbirth in two ways. First - parents register the birth online, then getting another service,  submit an electronic application for the social benefits . The second way of online …

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Allowances and social benefits in Kazakhstan

address certificate, or certificate form akim of the aul (rural) district). Power of attorney – in case of submission of an application and necessary documents by third parties. To the portal: To assign benefits – an electronic application certified by the applicant's EDS; For information on the …

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«Almaty Zhastary» housing program

«House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan» JSC on the state of the account, issued not earlier than a month by the time of application and documents submission; marriage (divorce) certificate, death certificate of the spouse; children birth certificate, akim's order for guardianship; notice on the …

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