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Extension of EDS online for legal entities Printable version

Last update: 30.11.2021

Executing the function of one`s e-signature during obtainment of various online services (for instance, obtainment of abstracts or participation in public procurement), digital signature (DS) contains confidential information about its owner.  Therefore, DS`s validity should be extended every year for safety reasons. Doing it, a citizen acknowledges that certificates were not lost and haven`t been acquired by an unauthorized party.

Notifications on the expiration of the EDS

RK NCC registration certificates issued for a file system is valid for 1 year. RK NCC registration certificates issued for key information carriers (ID card, Kaztoken, eToken, аKey, jaCarta) are valid for 3 years.The system of the National Certifying Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan implemented the automatic sending of two types of notifications on the upcoming expiration of the EDS with a proposal to extend it online.

  • Multiple email notifications – 1 month before, 2 weeks before, 7 days before. To receive these notifications, you must specify your e-mail in the personal account in the NCC RK.
  • SMS notification 10 days before the date of expiry of the EDS. SMS comes to the phone number registered in the Mobile Citizens Database, i.e. to the one that is attached to the user in the eGov Personal Account.

How Legal entities can extend DS`s validity by themselves?

The first thing to do is to visit a personal user`s cabinet on National Certification Authority website. It can be done from the website`s homepage or through the link indicated in the letter.

 Thus, you are to log in to the personal cabinet. (Picture 1).

picture 1

Рicture 1

1. Click “Log in to the personal cabinet” button and go to authorization page (Picture 2).

picture 2

Picture 2

Important! CEO acknowledgment is required for activation of the request.

Master fields will be automatically filled in according to the existing registration certificate.

  2. Indicate e-mail (if required), locality, keystore and the path for it.

Click “Apply” button (Picture 3).

picture 3

Рicture 3


   3. Put check mark to acknowledge the accuracy of application and click “Confirm” button (Picture 4). 

picture 4

Рicture 4

  4. Insert password and click “Sign” button (Picture 5).

picture 5

Рicture 5

  5. Memorize your request number (Picture 6). After the application is acknowledged by CEO, install registration certificates through “Application status” section.

picture 6

Рicture 6

  6. After the application is acknowledged by CEO, open “My DS” menu and browse to “Application status” section.

Insert the application`s number and click “Search” button (Picture 7).

picture 7

Рicture 7

  7. Indicate the path to keystore and click “Upload certificates” button (Picture 8).

picture 8

Рicture 8

  8. The window informing on successful installation of registration certificates will appear (Picture 9).

picture 9

Рicture 9

  9. Extension of DS is completed.

Also, you can download a detailed instruction for obtainment (extension) of DS for CEO. 

To revoke registration certificates NCA RK received before December 2, 2015 must go to the Members Area of the old version


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