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Last update: 27.03.2024

Receiving services through OTP (one time password) - receiving services through a one-time password, without the use of EDS. If you choose to sign via OTP, a service recipient will receive to the mobile number specified in a personal account of the portal an SMS with a one-time password, which must be entered when obtaining a service.

  1. Obtaining a certificate of absence (presence) of immovable property of an individual
  2. Get certificate on registered rights (encumbrances) for the real estate and it's technical specification
  3. Issue of references on registered and discontinued rights for the real estate
  4. Electronic application for issuance of technical passport for real estate objects
  5. Issuance of duplicate of reals estate objects technical passport
  6. Issuance of copies of registration file documents, certified by the registering authority, including plan of (scheme) real estate objects
  7. Issue of certificates of registration (re-registration) of legal entities, branches and representations
  8. Obtaining a certificate of a registered legal entity, branch or representative office
  9. Obtaining a certificate of presence of branches and representative offices of a legal entity
  10. Obtaining a certificate on participation of a legal entity in other legal entities
  11. Acceptance of the reference on participation of individual entity in legal entity
  12. Obtaining a certificate of all registration activities of a legal entity 
  13. Obtaining a certificate on a registered legal entity as of a given date 
  14. Obtaining a certificate of the latest amendments to the constituent documents
  15. Obtaining a certificate of encumbrances (arrest) imposed on a legal entity's share 
  16. Apply for re-issuance of marriage certificate
  17. Apply for re-issuance of divorce certificate
  18. Apply for re-issuance of birth certificate
  19. Get divorce certificate
  20. Get marriage certificate
  21. Issuance of birth certificate
  22. Issue of certificate on existance or absence of conviction record
  23. Issuance and prolongation of the permissions for the labor immigrants​
  24. Child's birth registration, including the changes and additions in the vital records
  25. Submit electronic application for change of name, middle name and last name change registration
  26. Obtaining a certificate on recognition of the legal entity as inactive legal entity or involvement of its participants in inactive legal entities 
  27. Issuance of the archival verification letter and/or copies of archival documents within the frames of the Committe for legal statistics and special registers of the General Procecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan and it's territorial subdivision
  28. Issuance of information on the commission of administrative violation by a person according to Committee on legal statistics and special records of the General prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  29. Submission of information from the register of state property to the lessee of state property under a lease agreement concluded with him, with information on the terms of the contract, accruals under such an agreement, penalties and transferred payments to the budget
  30. Providing information from the Mental Health Center «Psychiatry»
  31. Providing information from the Mental Health Center «Narcology»
  32. Providing information from the Center of Phthisiopulmonology «Phthisiology»
  33. Providing information confirming that an applicant (family) is a recipient of targeted social assistance
  34. Registration of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the place of residenceн
  35. Temporary registration of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan at place of residence
  36. Registration of children from 14 to 16 years of age at the place of residence
  37. Removal from registration at the place of residence of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  38. Issuance of archive certificates, copies of archive documents or archive extracts
  39. Obtaining a certificate on pension contributions
  40. Provision an information on availability (absence) of debt accounting of which is made by state income bodies
  41. Issuance a permit for external studies education at the organizations of basic secondary, general secondary education
  42. Third party e-certificates obtainment service
  43. Request personal file
  44. Help to calculate the size of the basic pension payments
  45. Transfer of the child (children) to foster care and the appointment of payment of money for the maintenance of the child (children) transferred to foster parents
  46. Providing information confirming the registration of permanent residence in the locality of the border territory
  47. Issue of certificate on registration in the enlistment office
  48. Issuance of military registration cards and duplicates (temporary certificates instead of military registration cards) to officers, sergeants, reservists
  49. Issuance of certificates to the Great patriotic war veterans
  50. Issuance of the military tickets (temporary certificates instead of military tickets) to the reserve officers
  51. Civil training on military technical and other military specialties
  52. Registration of death which includes making amendments, addition and corrections in the vital record
  53. Vital records recovery
  54. Placement and removal of persons liable for military duty and conscription from the military register
  55. Cancellation of civil status records
  56. Formation of an individual identification number for foreigners temporarily staying in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  57. Receipt of documents to provide psychological and pedagogical support for children in educational organizations
  58. Assignment of the allowance on care of the disabled person of the first group since the childhood
  59. Documents submission and enrollment to the pre-school educational institutions
  60. Issuance of certificate from medical organization providing first medical aid
  61. Issuance of medical card of inpatient
  62. Issue to the participant of system of obligatory social insurance of information on the status and movement of social contributions
  63. Diagnosis of disability and/or degree of work ability loss and/or the identification of necessary measures of social protection
  64. Record registration of people who need the civil housing of military servants of Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  65. Issuance of certificate of registration as unemployed
  66. Provision of guarantee letter for those who going to study as an international scholarship "Bolashak" fellow
  67. Money advance to the international scholarship "Bolashak" fellows
  68. Acceptance of documents for participation in competition for studying abroad within the international agreements in the sphere of education
  69. Acceptance of documents for participation in the competition for the replacement of heads of state secondary education institutions, including those of national importance
  70. Issue of duplicate educational documents
  71. Transfer and restoration of students by type of educational organization
  72. Determinination of cadastral (estimated) value of land plot
  73. Providing information about quality of the land plot
  74. Coordination of the projected land plot with the graphic data of the automated information system of the state land cadastre
  75. Assignment of the sports categories: candidate for master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, athlete of the 1st category and qualification categories: top-level qualifications trainer of the first category, top-level qualifications coach-teacher of the first category, the coach of the average level of qualification of the first category, the coach-teacher of the average level of qualification of the first category, higher qualification Methodist first category, Methodist average skill level of the first category, instructor-athlete of high qualification of the first category, sports referee of the first category
  76. Assignment of the sports categories: the 1st and 3rd category sportsman, 1st, 2nd and 3rd youth category sportsman, and qualification categories
  77. Assignment of "specialized" status to sports schools and "specialized"status to branches of sports schools
  78. Compensatory payment to members of the national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan by sport types (national teams by sport types) when they receive sports injuries in international sports competitions
  79. Acceptance of archive inquiries and/or copies of archival documents within the compass of the special state archive of the Informational analytical center of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  80. Issuance of duplicate of the title document for real estate
  81. Divorce registration, inclusive the changes, additions and corrections entering to the vital records
  82. Execution of documents for departure for permanent residence outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  83. Establishment of guardianship or guardianship over an orphan child (s) and a child (s) left without parental care and purpose of payment of benefits to guardians or guardians for the maintenance of an orphan child (s) and a child (s) left without parental care
  84. Issuance of certificates for the disposal of property of minors
  85. Acceptance of documents and enrollment in educational organizations (primary, basic secondary, general secondary, special)
  86. Acceptance of documents for the competition on placement of the state educational order for training of personnel with technical, professional and post-secondary education
  87. Registration of persons wishing to adopt children
  88. Appointment of one-time payment for adoption of orphans and (or) a child deprived of parental care 
  89. Transfer of the child (children) for upbringing to the foster family and the appointment of payment of cash for their maintenance 
  90. Submission of the documents for the participation in the competition for the “Bolashak” International scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan 
  91. Documents acceptance and enrollment to the higher educational institutions on educational programs of higher professional education 
  92. Documents acceptance and enrollment to the higher educational institutions for postgraduates educational programs 
  93. Award of educational grants and provision of social support to the students in higher education institutions 
  94. Issuance of a pledge agreement for immovable property provided as security for the Bolashak international scholarship holders and notification of its termination  
  95. Acceptance of documents for participation in competition to study abroad within the academic mobility 
  96. Recognition of educational documents
  97. Acceptance of documents in the organization of technical and professional, post-secondary education 
  98. Acceptance of documents for passing the certification for the assignment (confirmation) of qualification categories for teaching staff and persons equivalent to them of educational organizations and republican subordinate organizations of education implementing pre-school education and training, primary, basic secondary, general secondary, technical and vocational, post-secondary education programs
  99. Issuance of information on the receipt and movement of funds of the depositor of the unified accumulative pension fund
  100. Reception of documents for youth sports schools, sports schools for the disabled
  101. Reception of documents for republican, regional, cities of republican significance, the capital specialized boarding schools - colleges of the Olympic reserve and regional, cities of republican significance, the capital boarding schools for children gifted in sports
  102. Execution of documents for providing the disabled with prosthetic-orthopedic aid
  103. Execution of documents for providing the disabled with technical (compensatory) aids
  104. Execution of documents for providing the services of an individual assistant for the disabeled of 1st group having difficulties in movement
  105. Execution of documents for providing the disabled with special movement means
  106. Execution of documents for providing the disabled and the disabled children with sanatorium and health resort treatment
  107. Execution of documents for providing the services of a sign language specialist for the hearing impaired (sixty hours per year)
  108. Assignment of the state subsistence allowance
  109. Assignment of allowance to large families
  110. Issuance of certificates on custodianship and guardianship
  111. Registration of lifetime refusal or consent to posthumous donation of organs (parts of organs) and (or) tissues (tissue parts) for transplant purposes
  112. Receive EDS remotely
  113. Registration of the students studying abroad
  114. State registration of death abroad
  115. State registration of divorcement abroad
  116. State registration of the birth of a child abroad
  117. State registration of the marriage abroad
  118. Preparation and issuance of lands act
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