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Last update: 22.11.2022

Amateur fishing on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is performed pursuant to the Fishing Rules approved by the Order of Acting Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of February 27, 2015 No. 18-04/148.

If you decided to go fishing to satisfy sports or aesthetic needs or in order to consume fish, you first need to formalize certain permit documents.      

In the material, we will describe what is needed for amateur fishing on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan rivers and what is the period when fishing is prohibited. 

Types of fishing

Fishing is divided on the following types:

1) commercial fishing;

2) amateur (sport) fishing;

3) scientific and research fishing;

4) test fishing;

5) ameliorative fishing;

6) fishing for reproduction purposes.

Amateur (sport) fishing involves fishing for fish resources and other aquatic animals in order to satisfy sports and aesthetic needs, to hold sports competitions, as well as to consume the fish, carried out with fishing gear that allows single-piece fishery.

Where amateur (sport) fishing takes place

Amateur (sport) fishing takes place in established and non-established (by reserve fund) fishery waters and (or) plots.  

In the reserve fund, amateur (sport) fishing is executed free-of-charge without any permits up to 5 kilograms for 1 fisherman. When fishing exceeds 5 kilograms, one needs to obtain a permit by submitting a written application to a local executive body.

How to obtain a permit for amateur (sport) fishing on reserve waters

Obtainment of permit for amateur (sport) fishing is performed on a paid basis via the online service: Issuance of permit of the use of wildlife

When submitting an online application, one needs to enclose the following:

  • electronic copy of the list of individuals participating in withdrawal of wildlife resources, expect hunting, signed by a service recipient;
  • electronic copy of document certifying payment for wildlife use, except cases when payment was made via e-Gov Payment Gateway.

Registration of application by an authority or local executive body is performed on the Portal within 1 working day (if an application was accepted after 06.00 PM or on Saturday then the term is calculated beginning from the following working day) from the moment of submission.

Payment fees are stipulated by the Tax Code and amount to a sum divisible by MCI.

For example, when executing sports/amateur (recreational) fishing (with withdrawal) fee is as follows:

  • large ordinary fish: 0.017 (per 1 kilo)
  • sturgeon: 5.5 (per 1 kilo)
  • whitefish, salmon: 0.042 (per 1 kilo)
  • small ordinary fish: 0.008 (per 1 kilo)
  • crawfish: 0.008 (per one specimen).

Permit or substantiated refusal will be sent within 3 working days after submission of an application.

Fishery in established waters and (or) plots is performed based on the voucher.

The vouchers are issued on a paid basis by a natural resources’ user, to whom a fishery reservoir is assigned, if there is a withdrawal quota. The cost of a voucher is determined by a natural resources’ user. In the context of market conditions and competition, a natural resources’ user is customer-oriented when setting prices for vouchers.

What can be used for amateur fishing

For amateur (sport) fishing one can use the following:  

  • rods (fishing rods) of all names (lures, fishing tackle, spinning rods) with no more than 5 hooks per 1 fisherman,
  • spearguns,
  • nets,
  • metallic lures, loops, creels (no more than 3 per 1 fisherman).

What are the cases when fishing is not allowed?

What is not allowed on fishery waters?

What are the fishing prohibitions depending on the terms and places?

There are prohibitions that operate within the whole season. One should differentiate sport fishing and poaching.    

Thus, there are places and terms for the use of water resources and other aquatic animals, their parts and derivatives.

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