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Last update: 28.11.2022

headphones and keyboardHow does the call-center of “electronic government” work? 

During the work with portal many users face different obstacles for instance while getting some services or information. For these users such words as “Call-center”, “Feedback” and “1414” number are not stranger. 

Integrated call-center (hereinafter - ICC) of the “electronic government” was launched on November 29, 2011. From the very beginning the work of center is targeted to population consulting in public services acceptance including claims and suggestions concerning quality of service.

Professional consultant – satisfied client

As it’s known 80% of the call-center work effectiveness depends on qualification of the staff. Clients of the company rate the quality and of the provided services by the quality of operators work. That is why requirements to operators include such skills as good communication, well-bred speech, distinct articulation, ability to work with people. By the way the quantity of females working at call-center is three times higher than men. 

Every day, each operator speaks with dozens of customers waiting for an instant reaction and solving their problems. On average, the ETC processes from 16 thousand to 18 thousand requests per day. The record number of processed requests is more than 30 thousand calls. From 2011 to 2019, the ETC received more than 31 million calls; in 2020, 2,739,447 million calls were received.

Each call is fixed and recorded by the special system of quality control. If operator receives negative feedback about his service and advices this talk then will be forwarded to his manager listens the record and if actions of operator were not correct then he gets disciplinary punishment.

On March 22, 2017 ICC became a winner of the International contest "Crystal garniture" in nomination "Best population service center in public bodies and Housing and Communal Service" which got high mark from jury.  

On February 2, 2018, the ICC entered the shortlist of the finalists of the international competition “Crystal Headset” in the following nominations:

  • "Paraoperator of the year",
  • "The best program of improvements, modernization, and business transformation".

The users are addressed mostly by the following questions:




Application submission for marriage registration  

On registration of place of residence of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan 


Child queuing for kindergarten

On state registration (re-registration) of the legal entities, record registration (re-registration) their branches and representative offices


State registration of legal entities, record registration of their branches and representative offices, taking into account the opening of a bank account and compulsory insurance of an employee against accidents in the performance of his labor (official) duties

State registration of rights (encumbrances) on immovable property


Attaching to the medical organization providing primary medical-sanitary aid

Assignment of social payments in case of social risks: loss of capacity to work; loss of breadwinner; loss of job; lost of income due to maternity and childbirth; loss of income due to adoption of newborn child (children); loss of income due to childcare until he reaches three years old   


Receiving of real estate registartion rights (incumbrances) certificate and its technical characteristics 

State registration of legal bodies, record registration of its branches and representative offices 

Top FAQs 

How to get advice of Call-center

You need to call easy number 1414 , the call is free for all phones (all cell operators), and for foreign calls +7-7172-701-998 call charge in Kazakhstan. You may also leave message in forum at or write to,,,
In December 2018, within the framework of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", the ICC introduced a software product "Virtual Consultant on the basis of artificial intelligence to provide textual advice on public services, implemented on the portal of "electronic government" (Chat-bot).
In February 2019, it was decided to expand the chat-bot functionality in terms of automation of public services. An updated virtual consultant (Chat-bot), allows not only to advise users, but also to provide them with a number of public services through popular messengers: Telegram, Facebook and Vkontakte.
Thus, the user will be able to get a certain public service without switching to the public 26 service portal by means of messengers.  In addition, via chat bots users can connect to the online operator of the ICC or leave messages in the chat room, which are converted into tasks for further processing.
The introduction of a virtual consultant has made it possible to automate the consultation of the most frequently requested public services and services of the e-government portal. Chat-bot provides the necessary information from the ICC knowledge base and a link to the site sections with full information upon user request. Also Chat-bot has the ability to carry out mass notification of users in chats or by e-mail. The possibility of mass mailing reduces the time needed to notify users of important news, keep in touch with them and raise awareness of the new features of the e-government portal. In a day it is more than 80 thousand inquiries and services.
We believe that in the long run, chat work will become one of the main tools for providing consultations and various services to the population.    

Kazakhstanis can get advice on he provision of public services daily from 9.00AM to 9.00PM.

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