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Assignment of individual identifiction number to a child Printable version

Last update: 30.01.2024

For children born before August 13, 2007, who have not reached the age of 16, who do not have identity documents, and who do not have IIN in birth certificates, generation of IIN is carried out by the internal affairs bodies.

In NJSC State Corporation "Government for Citizens" (PSC), one of the parents (legal representative) presents a document proving his identity, a birth certificate of the child.

At the same time, birth certificates of persons born outside the republic must comply with the norms of international treaties, with the exception of birth certificates issued by foreign institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Birth certificates issued outside the republic can not serve as a basis for generating IIN without their legalization or apostilling.

The IIN is generated within 1 (one) business day from the date of application submission.

The number of thе generated IIN is indicated in the insert to the birth certificate with the assigned IIN.

Children born after August 13, 2007, have already specified IIN in birth certificates issued by civil registration authorities.

It is worth noting that the IIN is issued once in a lifetime, and is not subjected to any changes, except in cases of registration of adoption.


The portal of "electronic government" provides a number of services to children, which include:

For these services receiving there is a necessity of minimum of information and documents, plus you can always use the convenient and fast service of getting the information on IIN.


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