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Last update: 21.09.2022


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How to register website under the domain KZ

To create a website with the domain name KZ, go to KazNIC and make sure that the name you want to register, has not been taken by others. Then you may register the domain name in governmental agencies and institutions, including .GOV.KZ zone in National Information Technologies JSC .

In the framework of the project of KZ Domain Control Center (KZ DCC), in National Information Technologies JSC there was created a system of United Registrar of Domain names of governmental agencies and institutions in zone.

According to the Order of the Kazakhstan Association of IT-Companies dated December 31, 2017 No. 38-12-17-A, registration number No. 0011-12-17 dated December 31, 2017 on extending the accreditation of Domain Name Registrars in the .ҚАЗ and .KZ zones National Information Technologies JSC has the right to carry out official registration and support of domain names of state bodies and institutions in .KZ, .GOV.KZ, .EDU.KZ, .ҚАЗ, .MEM.ҚАЗ, .БІЛ.ҚАЗ zones.

Today in Universal Registrar "National information technologies" JSC more than 700 domain names are served. For more information, visit


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