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Last update: 11.03.2024

On the main page of the portal to the left of the list of popular services is a block of electronic services. Due to the fact that not every visitor of the portal knows about the functionality of these services, we will tell about each of them in more detail.

1. Viewing and payment of forthcoming tax payments of individuals

The service is designed to automatically inform you about the amount of tax on transport.

Due to the integration of the databases of the Administrative Police Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the taxpayer no longer needs to calculate the amount of tax payment for each transport separately. The total amount is reflected in the service, and it also indicates all the necessary data for payment (PPC, BCC, TAC).

As part of the pilot mode, the service is currently available only to residents of Karaganda and North Kazakhstan regions. After its completion, the service will be available throughout the country, and it will also provide an opportunity to check and pay the upcoming tax payments for land tax and property tax on individuals.

Previously, this service was provided only through the offices of the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Checking the services received through the portal of e-government or in the SC NCJSC and Checking Checks

This is one of the very first services of the portal. They allow you to verify and confirm the legitimacy of electronic certificates and checks received from the portal

You need to specify your IIN and the unique code of the certificate or payment there. If they were received from the portal, the service will display information about the date and status of the request.

3. Electronic application

The service of sending electronic applications to government bodies is one of the most important and popular services of the portal.

It allows you to send official letters of inquiries dotted representatives of government bodies. Among the hundreds of recipients one can find most of the regional, city and district branches of government departments, as well as their central offices.

You can attach files and documents to requests, and after sending you can track their status. Responses of government agencies also come in electronic form.

The service is free and requires signing with EDS.

4. Service for receiving certificates by third parties

This service is intended for those who wish to receive an electronic certificate for another person. To do this, they need to log in to the portal and confirm their request with a one-time SMS password.

The person in whose name they want to request a certificate receives a notification asking to approve or reject the request. If approved, the third party receives a certificate.

The list of certificates available to third parties:

  • certificate of absence (availability) of immovable property;
  • certificate of registered rights on immovable property;
  • Certificate of presence or absence of a criminal record.

Full step-by-step instructions are listed on the service page.

5. Obtain or reissue the EDS

Link to the section where you can get complete information about the procedure for obtaining a digital signature (EDS) and renewal of its validity.

6. Service for verification of the legal records of individuals

The service allows citizens to digitize and check for relevance archival record entries for all 7 events of the registry office (including those made before 2008): birth, death, marriage, dissolution of marriage, adoption, establishment of paternity, change of name.

To digitize missing or correct incorrect information, it is enough to send scanned copies of documents through the service.

For example, when checking the birth record of your children, in the case of an incorrectly specified record in sections where the child’s data is presented (last name, first name, patronymic, nationality, date of birth, mother and father data), you can update the information by attaching the scanned copies of valid documents.

The result of the service is information about the status of updating the information of the IS registry office. The service is free and the term of its delivery is 1 working day.

7. Help on calculating the size of the basic pension payment

Using this service, located on the main page of the portal, the retiree receives a certificate of the amount in which he will receive the new basic pension payment.

To get help, you can enter the portal without EDS, by logging in only by the IIN, and using your SMS password or EDS to confirm your request.

8. Receiving information about the fact of appointment and payment of state guarantees to the specified recipient

Kazakhstani pension system guarantees the safety of pension savings, taking into account inflation. According to the Rules for the implementation of these guarantees by the state, Kazakhstanis can get the right to pay the difference between the amount of actually made mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions taking into account the level of inflation and the amount of pension savings generated from mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions.

This payment is a lump sum and is calculated according to special formulas.

To find out if you have a payment guarantee, you can use this service.

In the case of a positive response, it is necessary to contact the nearest branch of the Government for Citizens SC, NJSC to submit an application.

If a citizen has already applied for this payment previously or he does not have the right to make payment, then this service will report it.

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