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Last update: 07.09.2021

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Law of the RoK provides for a set of special social services for certain categories of persons. In this article we will consider issues like what is special social services, which citizens are eligible for special social services, and what kinds of special social services are divided into.

Special social services - provide a complex of services for individuals and families in difficult life situations, create conditions for overcoming emerging social problems and aimed at creating equal opportunities for them with other citizens to participate in society.

The main tasks of the state policy in the sphere of providing special social services:

  • creation of conditions for overcoming a difficult life situation in the event of
     its emergence;
  • ensuring a guaranteed volume of special social services;
  • ensuring compliance with standards for the provision of special social
  • development of a monitoring and evaluation system for the quality of special social services provided;
  • ensuring the development of a system for the provision of special social services;
  • implementation of state control over compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on special social services;
  • development of international cooperation in the provision of special social services.

Types of special social services

Special social services are divided into two types, this is the guaranteed volume of special social services and paid special social services.

The guaranteed volume of special social services is a single list of special social services provided at the expense of budgetary funds. The list of guaranteed volume of special social services includes:   

  • social and domestic;
  • social and medical;
  • social and psychological;
  • social and pedagogical;
  • social and labor;
  • social and cultural;
  • social and economic;
  • social and legal services.

Paid special social services are provided on a paid basis in excess of the guaranteed volume of special social services.

Special social services can include the provision of general services in the form of information, consulting, intermediary services.

Grounds for obtainment of special social services

A person (family) can be recognized as being in a difficult life situation on the following grounds:  

  1. Orphanhood.
  2. Lack of parental care.
  3. Neglect of minors, including deviant behavior.
  4. Presence of minors in education organizations with a special treatment regime.
  5. Limiting the possibilities of early psycho-physical development of children from birth to three years.
  6. Persistent violations of body functions, due to physical and / or mental capabilities.
  7. Limitation of life activity due to socially significant diseases and diseases that pose a danger to others.
  8. Inability to self-care due to advanced age, due to a transferred illness and / or disability.
  9. Cruel treatment, leading to social maladjustment and social deprivation.
  10.  Homelessness (persons without a particular place of residence).
  11.  Exemption from places of deprivation of liberty.
  12.   Being on the account of a probation service.
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