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Payment at deviation from norms of work. Extra charges, surcharges and factors Printable version

Last update: 24.11.2020

According to the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at hourly pay of labor work in overtime is paid not less than in the one-and-a-half amount.

At piece-work payment surcharge for work in overtime is made at rate of not less than fifty percent of established tariff rate (official salary) of the worker.

Work payment in celebratory and days off is made not less than in the one-and-a-half amount, proceeding from the day (hour) rate of the worker.

Each hour of night work is paid not less than in the one-and-a-half amount, proceeding from the day (hour) rate of the worker.

Labor payment at performance by the worker of works of various qualifications is paid for work of higher qualification. 

In cases when taking into account character of manufacture of the worker of high qualification is entrusted with the work performance, tariff below category appropriated to it, labor payment is made on the qualification (category) appropriated to it.

To workers who are carrying out in the same organization, along with the basic work caused by the labor contract, additional work on other post or duty of temporarily absent worker without clearing of the basic work, surcharge is made.

Amounts of surcharges for combination of posts (expansion of zone of service) or performance of dutiesof temporarily absent worker are established by the employer under the agreement with the worker.

Idle time payment:

  1. The order and repayment terms of an idle time of works because of the employer are defined by labor, collective contracts and established at amount of not less than fifty percent from an average salary of the worker.
  2. The idle time because of the worker isn't subject to payment.

 Order and terms of salary payment:

  1. The salary is paid in cash form in national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan at least once in a month, not later than the first decade of the next month.
  2. Date of payment of the salary is provided by labor, collective contracts.
  3. At payment of the salary the employer is obliged in written from monthly inform each worker on components of the salary which is due to it for the corresponding period, amounts and bases of made deduction, including data on withheld and listed obligatory pension payments, as well as about general sum of money which is subject to payment.
  4. At coincidence of day of the salary payment to days off or holidays payment is made the day before them.
  5. In case of delay because of the employer, payment of the salary and other payments connected with cancellation of the labor contract with the worker, the employer pays to the worker debts and fine.
  6. The amount of fine pays off proceeding, from the rate of refinancing of the National bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan at date of execution of obligations on payment of the salary and charged for each delayed calendar day, since the next day when payments should be made and comes to an end with the day of payment.
  1. Upon the termination of the labor contract payment of sums which are due to the worker from the employer is made not later than three working days after its termination.

Payment to workers of the salary should be made in place of performance by them of work if by conditions of labor, collective contracts not provide otherwise.

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