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Code of honor of public servаnts of RK Printable version

Last update: 26.08.2021

shaking handsExecution of public service is expression of special trust from society and the state and makes great demands of moral ethically shape of public servants.

Society counts that the public servant will put all the forces, knowledge and experience in the professional activity which is carried out by it, impartially and honestly to serve the Homeland - the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Public servants in their activity should be adhere to the policy of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the nation N. Nazarbayev and gradually to enforce it.

The Code of honor of public servants of Republic of Kazakhstan (Rules of service ethics of public servants) as consistent with Constitution of the RoK, Laws of Republic of Kazakhstan from July 23, 1999 “About public servants”, the Law of Republic of Kazakhstan from July 2, 1998 “About anticorruption efforts” and common moral-ethic norms sets the main standards of behave of public servants of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Code is directed for strengthening of trust of the society to the public bodies, formation od high culture of interrelations on the public service and prevention of cases of non ethic behavior of the public servants.

Heads of state bodies , central executive bodies - executive secretaries of central executive bodies or public officials who are clothed with authority of executive secretaries of central executive bodies in accordance with the established procedure or shown officials – heads of central executive bodies provides the execution of requests of this Code in the building of public bodies, places which are accessible for general viewing.

Public servants must be introduced to this Code in written form during the three days after receive by public office.

Common rules of behavior

Behavior standards of public servants in off-duty time

Behavior standards in work relationships

Behavior standards related to public speech including mass media


In order to publicize new ethical rules for civil servants Agency for Civil Service Affairs developed a mobile application ‘Ethics in civil service’. The mobile application provides the text of the Code of Ethics, information on commissioners for ethics, recommendations for civil servants on form of clothing, testing to determine ethics, as well as gifts reminder.

Also, the Agency developed a pocket book "Ethics and Standards of Conduct for Civil Servants", which provides a brief guide for civil servants based on situational examples. In addition, this manual presents key aspects of the formation of a culture of integrity of civil servants. Following this instruction will contribute to the acquisition by society and citizens of confidence in the honesty and impartiality of men and women serving the people.

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