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Last update: 28.08.2020


In accordance with the Rules of the citizens attached to the primary health care organizations, approved by order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 28, 2015 No. 281  attachment of the citizens to the organization of primary health care is carried out at the place of permanent or temporary residence, work, study, taking into account the right of free choice of doctor and medical organization within a single administrative unit, and except for the citizens living in border areas, which are on the right of free choice of medical organization attached to a nearby polyclinic, located on the other administrative-territorial unit.

The zone of territorial maintenance of a polyclinic within the limits of one administrative territorial unit is determined by the local public health authorities of the regions, the city of the republican value and the capital, taking into account the maximum availability of PHC services.

The allocation of the attached population to the areas within the zone of territorial services is approved by the head of the polyclinic.

With the free choice of a doctor and a polyclinic by a citizen, an attachment is made no more often than once a year.

When attaching persons residing outside the zone of territorial maintenance of the polyclinic, the possibility of medical care at home is stipulated in advance and is indicated in the certificate (coupon) of attachment.

A citizen is attached to only one PHC organization.

Attachment of citizens to PHC organizations is the registration of the obligations of PHC organizations to provide medical care to citizens in the framework of the GVFM and the CSHI system and is implemented on the principles:

  • territorial access to medical care;
  • free choice of PHC organization;
  • free choice of a primary care specialist (general practitioner, district therapist, district pediatrician);
  • family services;
  • patient satisfaction with the quality of care;
  • equality and fair competition of PHC organizations, regardless of the form of ownership and departmental affiliation.

Change of citizens' attachment to PHC organizations is carried out by:

  • when changing the place of permanent or temporary residence, work or study beyond the boundaries of one administrative-territorial unit;
  • in cases of reorganization or liquidation of the PHC organization;
  • not more often than once a year with the free choice of a doctor and medical organization by a citizen;

During the campaign period (hereinafter referred to as the Campaign), held annually from September 15 to November 15 to attach the population to the PHC organization.
Citizens who are affiliated to the PHC during the period of the attachment campaign begin to receive medical aid in this organization within the framework of the GVFM and the CSHI  system from January 1 of the coming year, subject to the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of services for PHC in the framework of the GVFM and the CSHI system for the coming year The Foundation. In the current year, these citizens continue to receive medical care in a previously affiliated PHC organization.

The order of attachment to a new polyclinic

Attachment to a polyclinic is carried out by direct or written application, on the basis of an application of an arbitrary form and an identity document (identity card, passport, birth certificate, other document issued in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan), at any calendar time in accordance with the schedule Work of a polyclinic, and also through a web portal of "electronic government".

When applying through a web portal, information about identity documents, the provider (polyclinic) is obtained from the relevant state information systems through the gateway of "electronic government".

A citizen has the opportunity to attach via the e-government web portal, provided that there is an EDS.

The document certifying the citizen's attachment to the PHC organization is the coupon of attachment to the medical organization. The coupon of attachment is issued by the medical registrar of the medical organization.

When applying through a web portal, the notification of attachment is issued in the form of an electronic document signed with the electronic digital signature of the service provider (PHC organization).

When citizens are attached to a polyclinic when they are directly addressed and addressed through the "e-government" web portal, the detachment from the previously affiliated PHC organization is automatically carried out through the database of the "Attached Population Register" portal.

It is allowed to attach family members if they have their written consent by one of the family members on the basis of an application of an arbitrary form when providing identity documents for each member of the family.

In case the patient traveled to another locality (on a business trip, on a visit, etc.) and became ill, then for emergency medical assistance he can apply to the nearest medical organization at the location, or can call an ambulance team.

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