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Last update: 05.03.2024

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Pursuant to the Rules for assignment of individuals to health care organizations providing primary health care (hereinafter: PHC) approved by the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of November 13, 2020 No. KR DSM-194/2020, citizens are assigned to health care organizations providing PHC under statutory free medical assistance (hereinafter: SFMA) at the place of permanent or temporary residence, taking into account the right select PHC organizations within one administrative–territorial unit (village, township, rural district, district in the city, city, district, region), except for the individuals living in border territories who are assigned to a PHC organization located on the territory of a nearby administrative-territorial unit.

The area which an outpatients' clinic serves within one administrative territorial unit is determined by the local public health authorities of the regions, the city of republican significance and the capital, taking into account the maximum availability of primary health care services.

Distribution of the assigned population by subdistricts within the territorial zone is approved by the head of an outpatients' clinic.

If a citizen selects a doctor and an outpatients' clinic by himself/herself, the assignment in this case is carried out no more than once a year. A citizen is assigned to only one PHC organization.

Assignment of individuals to PHC organizations is the basis for the provision of PHC and is carried out based on the below principles:

  1. Family-based principle of servicing.
  2. Territorial accessibility of PHC.
  3. Free selection of a medical organization within the territorial accessibility of primary health care.
  4. Patient satisfaction with the quality of medical care.
  5. Equality and fair competition, regardless of the form of ownership and departmental affiliation.

Grounds for the assignment:

  1. Changing the place of permanent or temporary residence with departure from an administrative-territorial unit for a period of more than one month or within the territory of one administrative-territorial unit.
  2. Selection of a PHC organization by an individual within one administrative-territorial unit (village, township, rural district, city district, city, district, region).
  3. An assignment campaign held in the period from September 15 to November 15 (hereinafter: assignment campaign) within one administrative-territorial unit (village, township, rural district, city district, city, district, region).
  4. A voluntary health insurance policy concluded between a policyholder and an insurance company, under which a PHC organization provides medical services to the insured.
  5. Disagreement with assignment to a PHC organization selected by a regional commission within one administrative-territorial unit (village, township, rural district, city district, city, district, region).
  6. Refusal of a PHC organization to provide primary health care, including in cases of reorganization, liquidation, which entailed termination or modification of the contract for the purchase of services.
  7. Failure to ensure the volume of medical services for PHC organizations applying for the provision of medical services.
  8. Introduction of new healthcare facilities.
  9. Alienation of a PHC organization that is a state-owned enterprise through privatization.

Subject to the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of medical services with the Social Health Insurance Fund (hereinafter: Fund), citizens assigned to PHC organizations during the assignment campaign receive primary health care in the organization from January 1 of the following year.

Within a current year, such citizens continue to receive medical care in a PHC organization of previous assignment.

The procedure for assigning to an outpatients' clinic

The public service called "Assignment to a medical organization providing PHC" has been implemented to ensure assignment to PHC organizations at the place of permanent or temporary residence for medical care under SFMA.

Thus, a PHC organization delivers the public service to individuals applying independently or via the e-Gov portal.

Information about identity documents is received by a PHC organization from the relevant state information systems through the e-Gov Portal.

When applying directly in writing to a head of organization, the following individuals submit an application:

  1. Pensioners.
  2. Persons with disabilities.
  3. Legal representatives of a lifelong child with disabilities, as well as guardians or trustees, foster carers and other individuals replacing them, who, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, provide care, education, upbringing, protection of the rights and interests of a child (legal representatives).
  4. The convicts serving a sentence under a court sentence in detention facilites, serving in colonies (at the place of serving), in the availability of a minutes of the commission on consideration of assignment (cancellation of assignment) of the population to PHC in the information system called "Register of the Assigned Population" created under the Order of a head of the local public health administration body of regions, cities of republican significance and the capital.
  5. Students, as well as students studying in a madrasah, if there is an official appeal from the rector of the higher educational institution to the PHC and the minutes of the commission consisting of the members of the educational institution and the PHC.
  6. Conscripts.
  7. Children born in foreign countries.
  8. Individuals from foster homes for babies, orphans, the elderly and others.
  9. Individuals conducting assignment under power of attorney.
  10. Individuals conducting assignment under the voluntary health insurance policy if there is a policy available.

When contacting a PHC organization directly, the specialists of a PHC organization issue a request for assignment to the medical information system "Register of the Assigned Population". The specialist of a digital healthcare department considers the request for assignment and decides on the approval of a request or provides a substantiated refusal.

The public service is delivered from the moment of documents submission within 1 (one) working day. Requests for the public service delivery are accepted 2 (two) hours before the end of the working hours of a PHC organization (until 06.00 PM on working days).

On the e-Gov Portal, the public service is delivered on the day of a request submission.

The public service delivery result is a notification on assignment or a substantiated refusal sent in the form of an electronic document to the Personal Account.

Upon assignment of an individual to a PHC organization, cancellation of assignment at a previous PHC organization is carried out automatically.

If a patient has left for another locality (on a business trip, on a visit, etc.) and falls ill, then he can contact the nearest medical organization at the location for emergency medical care, or he can call an ambulance team.

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