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Last update: 21.09.2022

You can get the service in the following ways:

  1. On the portal of the "electronic government" by means of EDS (electronic digital signature) or a mobile phone that is registered in the base of mobile citizens;

Citizens have the opportunity to electronically submit an application through the e-government web portal to receive a Certificate of the presence or absence of a criminal record with an apostille, in paper form with the issuance of the finished result through the state corporation.

*When filing an electronic application on the portal, you must select the address of a branch of the State Corporation to obtain the result of the service in paper form. If you need to get the Certificate with the apostille on the portal, you can pay state fee online. The state fee amount is 1262,5 tenge.

  1. In the state corporation "Government for citizens" NJSC: you must have an identity document with you; notarized power of attorney in representing the interests of other persons;

* The certificate with apostil can be obtained only in Government for Citizens State Corporation NJSC after payment of the state fee for apostil of documents on the following bank details: State Revenue Department of Almaty District, Astana, a/c 108125, Ministry of Finance of the RK kkmfkz2a, c/a kz24070105, ksn0000000, BIN 981140001105, PPC 911, 991.

  1. Third party: a third party (for example, the employer) submit the request via the e-government web portal, an information will be provided only with your consent.



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