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How to check the legitimacy of an issued license or permit Printable version

Last update: 02.09.2021

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Most companies, private entrepreneurs and specialists carry out their activity on the basis of licenses and permits issued.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 16, 2014 No. 202-V ZRK “On Permits and Notifications”,a license is a permit of the first category issued by a licensor to a natural or legal person to carry out a licensed type of activity or its subtype associated with a high level of danger. A permit is a confirmation of the right of an individual or legal entity to carry out an activity or actions (operations) carried out by permitting authorities.

Simply put, to get the right to provide services, produce or sell certain types of goods, you must have a license or permission confirming your qualifications.

Any company, individual entrepreneur and private specialist may have one or even several licenses in their field of activity. Starting from educational, financial, medical institutions and ending with specialized specialists, for example, lawyers and dentists, everyone should have a valid permit in their field. This procedure protects consumers from deception, fraud and obtaining services of dubious quality.

Now in Kazakhstan, almost all types of licenses and permits (including the notification procedure) can be obtained online through the electronic licensing portal . Due to this, all information about the issued licenses is stored in an electronic format and anyone can check it with the help of a special service.

The link to the Search for permits service is located on the main page of the electronic licensing portal. The verification service is free, it does not require any authorization or registration, and there are two modes in it - a simplified “quick search” and “advanced search”. Through the first method, the user can search for licenses by IIN/BIN, TRN, NACAD/UINPD number and date of issue.

In turn, the advanced mode allows you to search by many parameters:

  • Unique document number;
  • NACAD of a document;
  • NACAD of a statements;
  • Unique application number;
  • Number;
  • Series;
  • IIN;
  • BIN;
  • TRN;
  • Licensee;
  • Licensor;
  • Type of activity;
  • Date of issue;
  • Status:
    • Not specified;
    • Valid;
    • Not valid;
    • Reissued (invalid);
    • Terminated;
    • Suspended;
    • Extended (invalid);
    • Terminated (voluntary return).


NACAD is the number and code of the administrative document or application.

UINPD is a unique identification number of a permit or license.

As a result of the search, you will receive the entire list of licenses and permissions (including the notification procedure), with the data of which the search query you entered matches. For each license or permit, information will be displayed for all parameters listed above, as well as for additional ones, such as category, city, territory of use, special conditions and so on. In some cases, the obtained permits can be downloaded in PDF format.

Thus, using this very useful service, you can check the relevance of licenses and permits of any legal entity, company and individual entrepreneur.

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