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Last update: 21.12.2021

Marriage registration

Marriage is one of the most important and memorable stages in a person’s life. In addition to the preparations for the wedding, the future spouses have questions about how to arrange marriage registration, what documents to prepare, where to go and what the result will be. The answers to these questions are collected in this material.

If you do not want to spend time reading all the material, we have prepared for you a supporting table covering all the main points of the article.

Where to apply

CRO (CSRO) portal – online service

Who can apply

All couples who have reached the age of 18

Couples who have reached the age of 18, entering into marriage for the first time, and having no children (citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Required documents

– Application;

– IDs of both applicants;

– Receipt of payment of state duty;

– Certificate of divorce, if any of the applicants remarry;

– Birth certificate of children, if any;

– Foreigners additionally provide documents proving their identity and certificate of marital legal capacity (legalized or apostilled by an authorized body).

Availability of electronic signature and registration on the portal;

No documents required.

Service cost


(payable at the cash desk of any bank)


(paid online by card of any bank)

Submission dates

One month before the date of registration (the day of a receipt is not included into the term of public service provision)

One month before the date of registration (the day of a receipt is not included into the term of public service provision)


Presentation of marriage certificate on the appointed date in the CRO

Presentation of marriage certificate on the appointed date in the CRO


The table shows the difference between regular (offline) and online application for registration of marriage. Now we will focus on each item in more detail.
According to the Code “On Marriage (Matrimony) and Family”, marriage is an equal union between a man and a woman, entered into with the free and full consent of the parties in accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the aim of creating a family, giving rise to property and personal non-property rights and obligations between spouses.

Conditions for registration of marriage

The full consent of the man and woman entering into marriage, and their reaching the marriageable age, i.e. 18 years old.

No marriage is allowed between:

  1. persons of the same sex (gender);
  2. persons, one of whom is already in another marriage;
  3. close relatives;
  4. adoptive parents and adopted children;
  5. persons, at least one of whom is declared incompetent due to mental illness or dementia by a court decision, which entered into legal force.

Where to apply

According to the Code, the state registration of a marriage is made by the registration authorities on the basis of a joint written application.

Future spouses must come to the registering authority together.

The registering authority is a local executive body that carries out state registration of acts of civil status, in common people called CRO or a civil registry office.

In addition, if a couple gets married for the first time, and they do not have children, then they can send an electronic application for marriage registration via the online services of the e-government portal.For this, it is necessary to have an EDS for both applicants and their registration on the portal. This method is convenient when, for example, future spouses are not in the same city or for another reason cannot come to CRO (CSRO) together.

Required documents

Application Deadline


Marriage Registration Certificate

A certificate of marriage is issued to spouses on the day of state registration of marriage at the place of its conclusion. If necessary, a certificate may be issued to each spouse.

Note that the exact time of issuance of the certificate and the condition for carrying out this procedure in a solemn atmosphere are discussed in advance at the time of application.

Marriage registration of citizens of Kazakhstan with foreigners

Marriage registration between a citizen of Kazakhstan and a foreigner is carried out according to the general rules in the CRO or in a diplomatic mission, a consular office of a foreign state, the citizen of which is a person who wants to get married.

The procedure for registration of marriage with foreigners is described in detail in a separate article.

Learn more about filing an online marriage registration application


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