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Last update: 04.08.2022

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The existing Law "On military service and status of military servicemen" has been changed many times. Since the beginning of March 2013 citizens have the opportunity to get a military card for one month. Henceforth fee-paying military service is introduced in Kazakhstan. The purpose of this innovation is to provide for citizens the opportunity to undergo military service, who could not do it earlier by certain circumstances. Citizens can pass "a young fighter" courses in specialized institutions and for a certain fee. About how to pass military service for a fee will be discussed in this article

Who can pass military service for a fee?

Military service for a fee is available for people aged from 22 to 27 years old, able or not able-bodied for military service by health condition, including those who have a deferment from military service.

Note, that deferment is provided:

  • by family circumstances;
  • in case of continuing education;
  • by health condition;
  • by other reasons.

According to the article 12 of the Law "On military service and status of military servicemen" preparation of citizens on a charged basis is realized under the Regulations of citizens preparation to military service.

Citizens who was previously were convicted or released from criminal liability and in respect of who a criminal case was opened are not available for military service.

Who passes the training?

Training of citizens in military-technical and other military specialties on a paid basis is a public service, it is rendered by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The acceptance of the application and the issuance of the result of the provision of the state service are carried out through the non-commercial joint-stock company State Corporation "Government for Citizens" (hereinafter - the State Corporation).

The result of the provision of public services is:

1)at the first stage - notification of enrollment for the training of citizens on military technical and other military specialties or a motivated response to refuse to provide public services, in cases and on the following grounds:

  1. establishment of unreliability of the documents submitted by the beneficiary for receiving the state service, and (or) data (information) contained in them;
  2. discrepancy between the service recipient and (or) submitted materials, objects, data and information required for the provision of public services, to the requirements established by regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the event that the service provider submits an incomplete package of documents according to the list below, the employee of the State Corporation refuses to accept the application and issues a receipt about the refusal to accept documents.

List of required documents:

  1. a statement on the form, in accordance with Annex 2 to this standard of public service;
  2. Identity document (for identification);
  3. personal account-military document (certificate of a postscript, military card, provisional certificate (instead of a military card));
  4. a copy of the education document (original - for verification);
  5. a medical examination card on the category of fitness for military service;

2) at the second stage - the issuance of a certificate of completion of training under the training program of the military-trained reserve.

Cost of training is 263 318 KZT.

Training in military-technical specialties is conducted during 35 days of training in the specialties of the shooter, grenade launcher and machine gunner.

The beginning and end of the training of conscripts who are liable for military technical and other specialties is the date of issuing the orders of the director of the branch or acting on the enrollment and termination.

The term of training conscripts who are liable for military-technical and other specialties is determined depending on the specialty received under the curriculum.

At the same time, the training of conscripts, conscripts is carried out in the period from February 1 to December 20.

Note that details about the periods of training are recommended to be specified in military enlistment offices.

To test the quality of training conscripts (who are liable for military service) at the completion of training, final examinations are held. For the exams, conscripts (military liable) who have completed a full course of study and who have received positive grades and credits in all subjects provided for in the training program are allowed.

For the period of training in the branches, draftees, conscriptes are provided with field outfits (by season), round-the-clock residence in the barracks with three meals a day and bath-and-laundry services.

Military-registration specialty is appropriated by the military commissariats when issuing a military ticket in accordance with the certificate of completion of training under the program of training the military-trained reserve and the received specialty.

For conscripts who are liable for military service while studying for military technical and other specialties, the place of work (position) is preserved. During this period they cannot be dismissed on the initiative of the employer, except for cases of liquidation of a legal entity, and also expelled from the education organization on the initiative of the head of the education organization.

Getting the military card after training

Conscripts (persons liable for military service) who have been trained on a reimbursable basis and successfully passed final examinations are issued a certificate of completion of training under the military reserve training program. 

After receiving the appropriate certificate, a citizen must apply to the NAO "State Corporation "Governments for Citizens" or through the portal "electronic government" to obtain a military ID, where he must fill out an application and attach the following documents:

When applying to the NAO "State Corporation "Governments for Citizens" :

identity card, or its electronic documents from the digital documents service (for identification);
a copy of the education document (if available);

a copy of the certificate of completion of training under the military reserve training program (notarized);

30x40mm photos – 2 pieces (the photos must correspond to the age of the applicant and are made strictly full-face on a light background, the face should occupy about 70% of the total area of the photo).

When accessing the portal:

an electronic copy of the education document (if available) is attached to the application by the service recipient;

an electronic copy of a notarized certificate of completion of training under the military reserve training program is attached to the application by the service recipient.


Name of branches

Contact details



Almata branch

Almaty city, 105a, Rozybakiev street

+7 (7273) 92-99-01


Aktobe branch

Aktobe city, 3, Smagulov street

+7  (7132) 40-03-38


Atirau branch

Atyrau city, 80, Baymukanov str.

+7 (7122) 36-36-34


Ust- Kamenogorsk branch

Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 3a, Gastello street

+7 (7232) 50-31-13

+7 (7232) 50-32-38


Semipalatinsk branch

Semey city, 71, Urankhayev street

+7 (7222) 52-47-71


Ural branch

Uralsk city, 6, Abylkhair Khan street

+7 (7112) 21-21-10


Karaganda branch

Karaganda city, 12, Architecturnaya street

+7 (7212) 45-74-53

+7 (7212)  45-89-36


Kyzylorda branch

Kyzylorda city, 132, Mustafa Shokai street

+7 (7242) 24-72-96


Pavlodar branch

Pavlodar city,  82, Moscovskaya street

+7 (7182) 61-76-89


Petropavlovsk branch

Petropavlovsk city, 33, Shukhov street

+7 (7152) 51-10-96


Taldykorgan branch

Taldykorgan city, 174, Kablisa zhyrau street

+7 (7282) 22-06-92


Taraz branch

Taraz city, 4, Sypatay Batyr street

+7 (7262) 45-09-27


Shymkent branch

Shymken cityt, 76, Maily kozha street

+7 (7252) 43-25-37


Schuchinsk branch

Kokshetau city, 26, Auelbekov street

+7 (7162) 25-78-97

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