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Last update: 04.03.2022

house in the palm of your handAn increasing number of people today apply for mortgage. It is a serious step, which requires a sufficient amount of information and proper preparation. What should you pay special attention to first of all in mortgage lending? What are the conditions offered by various banks, and what are the lists and forms of documents required for mortgage registration? This section provides information on the major aspects of mortgage lending.

What is mortgage?

Mortgage is a loan issued by a bank for the purchase of housing or other immovable property. The immovable property acquired through mortgage is the property of a borrower from the moment of acquisition. Mortgage lending is provided for a certain part of a housing cost. The remaining part of a housing cost should be paid by a borrower from his/her own funds and is referred to as initial instalment.

Today, commercial banks and one state specialized bank that implements a housing construction savings system offer mortgage lending. The amount of monthly payment depends on the initial instalment, loan term and interest rate.

Steps for mortgage lending registration

Information for banks

The standard package of documents for obtaining a mortgage lending usually includes the following documents:

Mortgage legislation restrictions


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