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Last update: 07.09.2021

 passportAccording to the amendments to the Decree of the Government of the RK “On approval of the Rules for the entry and stay of immigrants in the RK, as well as their departure from the RK and the Rules for the implementation of migration control "immigrants enter the RK and leave the RK through checkpoints at the State Border of the RK, open for international and passenger traffic, by passports or documents replacing them with visas of the RK, unless otherwise established by legislation of RK and / or international treaties ratified by the RK.

The validity of the visa expires at least three months before the expiry of the immigrant's passport. 

Immigrants temporarily staying in the RK are not allowed to work without the appropriate permits issued by the local executive body or internal affairs bodies, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of the RK in the field of migration and / or international treaties ratified by the RK".

According to the amendments to the Law of the RK “On Migration of the Population”, temporary registration for foreigners staying up to 30 days has been canceled. For foreigners staying for a period of more than 30 days, a temporary residence permit is required.

Immigrants who are exempted from passport registration:

  • who has arrived to the RK with a visa of the RK;
  • who has a diplomatic or official passport;
  • who has not reached the age of 16 years.

When immigrant changes temporary place of residence in the RK, the host person shall notify the internal affairs bodies within three working days.

With a number of near-abroad countries visa-free travel arrangements is preserved.

 Entry to Kazakhstan to a foreigner may not be allowed: 

  • in the interests of ensuring national security, protection of public order and public health;
  • if his (her) actions are aimed at the violent change of the constitutional order;
  • if he (she) opposes the sovereignty and independence of the RK, calls for violation of the unity and integrity of its territory;
  • if he (she) inflames inter-ethnic, inter-confessional and religious enmity;
  • if this is necessary to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of the RK and other persons;
  • if the national security authorities have information about his (her) involvement in extremism or terrorist activities, as well as in case of recognition by the court of his actions of a dangerous relapse;
  • if he (she) is not executed for a criminal or administrative offense, imposed on him during his previous stay in the RK;
  • if during the previous stay in the RK he (she) did not provide for a declaration on individual income tax in the case when the submission of such a declaration is provided for by the legislation of the RK;
  • if he (she) has not submitted a confirmation of the availability of funds necessary for stay and departure from the RK, in the manner determined by the Government of the RK, with the exception of ethnic Kazakhs, persons born in or formerly citizens of the RK or the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, and members of their families;
  • if, when applying for an entry, he (she) reported false information about himself or failed to submit the necessary documents within the time limit established by the legislation of the RK;
  • if he (she) has a disease that is a contraindication for entering the RK;
  • if he (she) previously lost the citizenship of the RK on the grounds provided for by subparagraph 8) of the first part of Article 21 of the Law of the RK of December 20, 1991, "On Citizenship of the RK";
  • if he (she) was previously deprived of the citizenship of the RK on the grounds provided for in Article 20-1 of the Law of the RK of December 20, 1991 "On Citizenship of the RK".

Immigrants deported previously from the RK shall be prohibited to enter RK within five years from the date of delivery of decision on deportation.

According to the amendments to the Law of the RK "On Migration of the Population" "are not considered the statements of the adopting persons for the invitation to the RK of immigrants if within one year before submission of such statement the accepting persons were made responsible for rejection of measures for timely registration of immigrants, to paperwork on the right of their stay in the RK and to ensuring departure from the RK after a certain term of stay".

The grounds for issuing visas are the invitations of host persons or permission of authorized state bodies of the RK, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of the RK.

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