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How to behave on reservoirs Printable version

Last update: 06.06.2023

Try to visit the beach only before noon and after five in the evening.

Enter the water gradually.

Swim along the shore not far from it.

  • do not swim or dive while drunk;
  • do not swim or dive in unequipped, forbidden, unfamiliar places, outside of official beaches;
  • do not swim or dive near piers;
  • do not leave children and elderly people in the water and on the shore unattended;
  • do not swim immediately after eating;
  • do not jump into the water from bridges, dams, piers, boats and speedboats;
  • don't cling to boats and don't sit on a boat edge;
  • do not swim on air mattresses and vehicle inner tubes;
  • do not swim behind the warning signs and buoys;
  • do not swim nearby passing motor boats, steamers and boats;
  • do not swim far from a shore;
  • do not give false alarms.

What if you start drowning?

  • stay calm;
  • spread your arms and legs wide;
  • do not exhale completely, there should be air left in the lungs;
  • pull the water under yourself and swim to a shore.

What if you have a cramp?

  • fingers. Quickly, forcefully clench your fist, make a sharp throwing motion with your hand to the side and unclench your fist;
  • calf muscle. Grasp a foot with a cramp and pull it towards yourself;
  • hip. Grab a leg from the outside at the ankle and, bending it at the knee, pull it back.

To call the rescue service, dial 112

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