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Last update: 02.12.2020

Appeal to military service is a package of activities performed by government agencies aimed at recruiting people to the armed forces on the basis of military duty. 

Appeal to military service includes the following:

appeal to urgent military service;

appeal of reserve officers to military service;

appeal to military calls;

mobilization appeal during military emergency and wartime.

Local governments organize appeal to military service.

Also, local governments provide military authorities with the following: equipped recruiting stations; medical supplies; tools; firefighting supplies; household supplies; vehicles, and also communication and security tools.

To perform an appeal to military service, call-up commissions are created in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On military service and servicemen status".

Procedure of citizens` call organization to military service is stipulated by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Heads of organizations should call off the citizens subject to military service from business trips and organize notification and their timely arrival to recruiting stations for medical examination.    

Appeal to military service of Kazakhstani citizens temporarily living in foreign countries is performed according to the procedure established by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On military service and servicemen status” after their arrival to the permanent place of residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan if they have no right for deferring or are not exempted from military service.     

A citizen is deemed to be called for military service from the moment the order is issued by the head of military authority of the region (national status city or capital) on his call to the service.

Appeal to urgent military service

Appeal of reserve officers to military service

Appeal to military calls

Mobilization appeal during military emergency and wartime


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