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Last update: 08.09.2021


“Bolashak” International Scholarship is a scholarship introduced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for full-time training of citizens in the leading foreign higher education institutions so that they can get master's degrees, doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree, doctor's degree or residency training while working individuals whose job categories are determined by the Republican Committee for Training of Specialists Abroad can undergo internship in foreign organizations.   

The scholarship was introduced in 1993 by the Order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev. The “Bolashak” International Scholarship has become a kind of warranty for successful career and professional fulfillment of alumni.    

Who can become a holder of “Bolashak” International Scholarship?

Any citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan applying for the following can become the program pasrticipant:

  • getting master`s degree, doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree, doctor's degree;
  • residency training;
  • internship.

One should note that “Bolashak” International Scholarship is awarded once only for undergoing of internship, getting each degree (master`s degree, doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree, doctor's degree) or residency training.  

Individuals who have not used a scholarship awarded previously and those who have not started training or internship have a single opportunity to participate in competition for “Bolashak” scholarship award provided that there is no debt owed to the Administrator.

In 2021, number of scholarships under “Bolashak” program amounts to 555 scholarships.


Enrollment procedure under “Bolashak” program

1st stage. Determining a category for enrollment

Kazakhstani citizens can enroll for the following programs under “Bolashak” International Scholarship: master's degree program, residency, doctoral program or internship.

The following individuals can enroll for the above educational programs:

  • those who enrolled for master's degree program, residency, doctoral program independently;
  • individuals from rural areas applying for master`s degree;
  • individuals applying for internship.

It should be noted that there are certain requirements for each category.

Candidates for a master`s degree

Candidates from rural areas:

Candidates for a doctor`s degree and residency training

If you participate under “Internship” category

2nd stage. Preparing the required documents

Candidates for a master`s degree:

Candidates for master`s degree from rural areas:

Candidates for doctor`s degree and residency training:

Candidates for internship:

Those who want to study under the “Bolashak” Program can submit the required documents via e-Gov Portal using the service called “Acceptance of documents for participation in competition for awarding of the “Bolashak” International Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. 

Step 1.

Comply with requirements

Step 2.

Collect package of documents

Step 3.

Submit documents within the stated terms via e-Gov Portal

Step 4.

Undergo competitive selection consisting of 3 rounds:

1st round: Comprehensive testing;

2nd round: Personal interview with the members of Independent Expert Commission;

3rd round: Session of the Republican Committee for Training of Specialists Abroad

Step 5.

After getting a scholarship, a scholar or his/her trustee should contact Legal Service Department of “International Programs Center” JSC (hereinafter: the Company) within 90 calendar days from the moment of scholarship award and conclude a training contract with the Company as well as an indemnity contract.        In case of failure to conclude the contracts within the terms, a scholar is deprived of the status of the international “Bolashak” scholarship holder.   

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