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Last update: 05.10.2023

Duplicates certificate of basic secondary education, certificate of general secondary education and transcripts thereto (hereinafter: duplicate) are issued instead of lost or damaged documents.

The groundings for issuing a duplicate are as follows:

  1. An application from a former student or parent (legal representative) of an underage child who has lost or damaged a document containing circumstances to the name of a head of education organization.
  2. Birth certificate or an ID card (passport) of a former student and (or) an electronic document from the Digital Documents service (for identification).
  3. If a surname (name, patronymic (if any)) is changed and (or) a document on education is damaged, an original copy of a document on education is attached.

A duplicate is issued on a free-of-charge basis no later than 15 working days from the date of application submission.

In case of educational organization being liquidated, individuals apply to an archives at the location of an educational organization. Copies and extracts issued by state archives and their branches, departmental and private archives are official documents having the legal force of original copies.

Duplicate documents are issued in the forms valid at the time of decision to issue a duplicate and signed by a head of educational organization, a deputy for academic affairs.

The public service "Issuance of duplicate documents on basic secondary, general secondary education" is delivered by organizations of basic secondary and general secondary education (hereinafter: public service).

Acceptance of applications and issuance of public service delivery results are performed via:

  1. An administrative office of basic secondary and general secondary education organization.
  2. "Government for Citizens" Public Corporation.
  3. e-Government portal (

Public services are delivered online and (or) in paper form.

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